Thursday, 1 September 2011

Such Frugal Friends

A number of friends have already signed up to participate in the Thrifty Thursdays during September – here are some links to them.


Don’t forget to check the categories at the end of posts [labelled thrift, frugal, money-saving etc.] as these will point you to other useful stuff on their blogs.



Frugal Queen is thrifty every day, not just Thursdays, and is to be congratulated on recently reaching a massive milestone in her debt-reduction target. I’ll add links to any new contributors in the list on my sidebar. One other link has to be to the webpage of Martin Lewis the MoneySaving Expert [or ‘Shouty Man’ as Bob calls him – ML is prone to yelling a lot on TV] You can spend ages – and save pounds -at this helpful site. Liz is very fond of this site and finds it v.useful


Thank you, everyone who is joining in – whether to share some good tips, or just to learn some more.


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  1. Well, I have done my best, but Blogger WOULD NOT let me get in my soundtrack- Oh I had wanted to be so very musically background clever! And then, because the buttons don't work I couldn't even edit in an ordinary youtube snaffle! Loved all the other particpants; it's going to be a good month!


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