Monday, 26 January 2015

Off We Go

we're moving
Today they load the vans, tomorrow they take them to Ferndown

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Finally, brothers (and sisters), goodbye…

… Keep on growing to maturity. Continue agreeing with each other and living in peace. Then the God of love and peace will be with you.   [2 Corinthians 13;11]

Although the van arrives tomorrow, Bob’s final service at KMFC was last Sunday evening. It was a pretty emotional day – much weeping from me [and some from other folk too] The evening service was a “Churches Together” event – and it was great that so many of the Anglicans and Roman Catholics from the village were there, along with friends from other nearby churches- Baptists and URC, along with lots of folk from our own congregation.

P1000559After Bob had pronounced the Benediction [above] Tom, our Rector came to the platform and asked me to join them. [thanks, Liam, for grabbing my camera to take these pictures for me] We were given flowers and a gift token from the other churches, and the Pastors present came and prayed for us as we move on to Ferndown. It was a very special moment for us both.


Tom spoke of the things we had been involved in – Get In The picture, Carols in the Pub, Village Fun Day etc- then asked people if there were other things Bob had done.

A woman called out “He married me!” and the another “He married me!” and another, and another… [it was a bit like “I am Spartacus”] Then Samuel said “He dedicated me” and Cameron shouted “He baptised me- last week!” [I was waiting for someone to say “He cremated me” but fortunately nobody did]

Bob’s last KMFC sermon was tremendous, based on Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians [ch 3;14-21] He said his prayer, for the church in Kirby and the other friends present was that they should be

Thirsty, Hungry, Angry and Impatient.

Thirsty for God

Hungry for Righteousness

Angry about Injustice

Impatient for the Lord’s Return

It has been a joy and privilege to be here for almost twenty years – and whilst we recognise God’s call to move on, we will continue to hold a very special place in our hearts for these dear friends who have loved and supported us for so long.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

And It’s Goodbye From Me…

Today is going to be a little busy –  Bob has gone to a local hospital to visit a dear friend who is extremely ill. Unfortunately he has taken my car, as his is STILL having new locks fitted [they sent the wrong part from Germany] We have NO idea when he will get the Skoda back, and may have to return from Dorset to collect it [Aviva have at least promised to refund car hire, even tho the insurance doesn't really cover that] Please pray this gets resolved soon. Folk here have been brilliant helping out with the transport situation, but it is getting difficult!
I’ll collect Mark and Steph from the train [somehow!] then their Wedding Photographer is coming to chat to them, then at 4pm we have our Farewell Party in the Church Hall. Because all the PCs need to be packed up, I have been setting up some blogposts in advance. Once things are a little more settled, I shall post pictures of the party [if I remember to take them] and of the new location.
I wish you could all come and enjoy the party with us [Janet and her team always provide a fantastic spread] The great thing about blogging is that you can keep in touch wherever you are – so actually I do not have to say Farewell to blogfriends.
But I would like to say Hello - especially to those of you who have emailed me in recent days, explaining that you always read the blog, but don’t ever post comments – yet you wanted to send your love and support when you read about the burglary, and our move. That has really touched me, and I do so appreciate your kind words, whether in the public comments box, or the private email. God bless you all!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Now And Then!

ang july 2014school 1970

Two old friends have recently made contact through Facebook – Linda was in my class, and Andrew was in the Boys’ Brigade at Church. My Dad conducted their wedding back in about 1975. They posted some school photos from 1970 on FB. I thought I’d compare mine with one from last summer. “You still have the same haircut” said Bob.

One of these days I must make a timeline of all the haircuts in between [student plaits, that awful 1980’s perm, the too-short spiky cut…] That will give everyone a good laugh!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Is Someone Taking The Mickey?

red sharpie

We are labelling the boxes carefully, and there is a special colour coded card index system so we know what is in each box, and where in the new house it should end up. We have three parcel-tape dispensers and a whole box of Sharpies for writing labels and contents descriptions. We are Very Geeky about all this! But unfortunately the top came off a pen in my pocket, and has left an interesting stain [they are very old CK jeans which belonged to Liz or Steph in their teens, so not too serious] I shall endeavour to deal with this mark later – in a creative way!


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

When One Door Closes…

…another opens.

door closingOr so people keep saying to me.

Yes, our time here in Kirby Muxloe is coming to a close, and soon we will be enjoying new experiences as we begin work in Dorset.

But I feel that I should point out that as we prepare to leave this house, the study and kitchen doors are resolutely refusing to close.

They have absorbed a lot of moisture, and swollen badly. A good reminder that sometimes the doors do not close completely – the friendships will remain, even if we are a long way away.

See How It Runs!

Cerebos Plain 1kg

As a child, I remember seeing the blue Cerebos salt packets in the grocer’s shop - with that little boy chasing the chicken. [My family usually bought Saxo, or other cheaper brands] Nowadays I like to keep my cooking salt accessible, and for many years, I have stored it by the hob in a stoneware “Salt pig” – these allegedly keep salt dry and free running, even though the front is open.

My pig has a lovely long handled wooden spoon, made by Liz’s friend Dave. I keep my sugar in one of those dispensers [ever since a visiting child once amused herself by pouring milk from the jug on the tea tray into my sugar bowl and made a sweet sticky mess]


This past week I discovered something interesting – both of these were out on the countertop in the kitchen when we were burgled. We returned to a flooded mess- and the atmosphere was very damp. The small amount of sugar in the dispenser [which I have yet to wash out and pack] had become rather wet and was caked to the bottom of the jar. But the salt? that is still in perfect condition, still free running! According to Nigel Slater, the unglazed pottery absorbs moisture from the salt, thus keeping it dry.

cerebosNS says he likes being able to put his hand in and grab and pinch or a handful of salt. Personally I am happier with my nice clean spoon, as I can decide exactly how much to fling in the saucepan.

Where, and how, do you keep your salt and your sugar?