Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Never In A Month Of Sundaes!

Last Friday, when we stopped at the Motorway Services en route to Telford, my phone buzzed with two pictures from Jon. The family were in Morrison's Supermarket, up in Norfolk and also having a coffee break. Rosie was clearly enjoying her treat
Little-Miss-Two-Spoons is shown here, tucking into the "Children's Sundae". Liz said "I didn't realise the Kid's Sundae would actually be the size of the kid!" I drank my coffee and read the paper. This headline caught my eye.

"I could give them advice on portion control" I thought. but then I read the article. It is about the fresh/deli counters, where items are weighed out individually for each customer.
"This new service aims to reduce the amount of food thrown away in customers’ homes – which amounts to £500-a-year – according to the government’s Food Waste Champion. Its fresh food counters means that customers shopping at Morrisons can purchase the exact amounts of food they need. Morrisons has listened to many customers who struggle to know how much food to buy."
This does seem like a good idea to me - if it is going to reduce food waste, then it is definitely to be encouraged. 
I doubt any of Rosie's Sundae got wasted- I imagine her parents helped out if there was any left!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Tweet Of The Day

BBC Radio 4 fans will recognise the phrase Tweet Of The Day as a lovely little programme where a birdcall is broadcast and a story told. Recently Rosie & her parents went birdwatching up at Holkham on the North Norfolk Coast. Jon snapped this lovely picture of the two girls with their bins watching the birds. 
He posted it on twitter. At the weekend, the NNR [National Nature Reserve] which is part of the Holkham Estate tweeted about their special half term activity here. And they used Jon's picture!
More details about the event - the Bird box Trail - on the website here.
Very proud of my Twitter Famous family. 

Monday, 20 May 2019

My Coronation Day

Today I am taking things very gently. I have an appointment with my dentist to have my crown fitted. Considering how much it costs, I am a little disappointed to report it is neither gold, nor jewel encrusted!
I'm not very good at the Dentists. I don't enjoy injections, and hate the drill. I usually close my eyes and recite hymns and Psalms and poetry in my head, to take my mind off what is going on in my mouth. 
In preparation for the crown, temporary work was done a fortnight ago on the offending molar. 
My dentist, a kind and capable woman, said I was not to chew food in that area, nor even brush the tooth. She mimed swishing mouthwash "for one whole minute" with my head tipped to one side. 
In the privacy of the bathroom, I have undergone facial contortions which make me look like a demented parrot.
And at mealtimes I find myself humming "Always chew on the right side of mouth..." I shall be glad when it's all sorted.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Good Advice For Families Everywhere

This popped up as one of my daily Bible verses this week. Wise words worth sharing!

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Some of my friends keep a journal, others write down three greatitudes each evening [a greatitude is a blessing for which they are grateful - the word is a hybrid of gratitude and beatitude. But I have no idea how to pronounce it]
I just write my blog - but there are so many things which have come out of this daily rambling which are definitely things for gratitude and cheerfulness...
Two weeks ago I blogged about the amazing South East Asia Collection in Norwich. Since then, two blogfriends have told me they were in Norwich, so took their spouses to find this place, and really enjoyed it. 
In January, when Bob said "We need to find two nights B&B in Telford, do you have any friends round there?" I immediately said Yes! - and so here we are, staying in a Methodist Manse for the Baptist Annual Meetings this weekend.
Last month,when I was beginning to feel better, and needing a project to occupy myself, Kezzie sent me some cosplay outfits to alter. I am so thrilled that she is pleased with them - and that they've even got the seal of approval from other Whovians. 
Kezzie is a longtime blogfriend  - and one day I hope we will get to meet in person.
That's just three things which instantly came to mind - I know if I sat down and considered it more, the list would be incredibly long. There are all the books I have read because of good reviews on other blogs, gifts and cards from friends all over the world, recipes I have found on other blogs which are now part of my regular repertoire...
I stopped putting a 'blogroll' in my sidebar, because so many people who were on it when I began in 2008 no longer write blogs, and others take 'sabbaticals'. But I do try to comment regularly on other blogs which I enjoy.
When the blog stops 'sparking joy' I shall stop writing it. But for now I'll keep going. 

Friday, 17 May 2019

We're Sloping Off To Salop

I don't think I have ever been to Shropshire, but that is where we are going today. I know very little about this county.
Telford is the largest town in the county with a population of 138,241 (which is approximately 30% of the total Salopian populace); whereas the county town of Shrewsbury has a lower, but still sizeable population of 71,715 (15%). The other sizeable towns are Oswestry, Bridgnorth, Newport and Ludlow. 
The old name for Shropshire is SALOP which is the weirdest word! Historically used as an abbreviated form for post or telegrams, this name is thought to derive from the Anglo-French "Salopesberia". It is normally replaced by the more contemporary Shrops although Shropshire residents are still referred to as Salopians.
Floreat Salopia  means "May Shropshire flourish".
We are going to be staying in Telford for a couple of days, for the Annual Baptist Assembly Meetings. It's the first time we have travelled to Assembly since we moved to Dorset.
Shall we gallop to Salop?
Shall I visit shops in Shrops?
Do they dress in slops in Salop?
And in gynaecology department, do the doctors worry about Salopian Fallopians?

I'm particularly excited because as well as meeting up with my old Baptist friends, we will be staying with my newer URC blogfriend Pauline. [And Pauline is moving to Dorset in August, which will be lovely] A proper report on Shropshire to follow [a sort of Show-And-Telford]

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Sew Mysterious!

I'm working very slowly on a new sewing project. I'm amused to realise that "running stitch" is not necessarily done at speed. I cannot give you any information about why or what for...but it does involve some smaller sections of embroidery which will become part of the larger finished piece.
With each one I've had to create my own stitching chart first, before even picking up a needle. I've just completed the first four of these. Here they are
My challenge to you is this - can you identify any of these? 
And can you find any sort of connection between them?