Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Thank You To The Team

I wanted to make a thank you card for each team member who had been involved in Holiday Club, so I made a design with sports icons, and copied this in pairs on A4 card which I cut and folded


Then I prepared a letter on A4 paper – ‘landscape’ orientation, which I folded up with ‘mountain’ and ‘valley’ origami folds, and stuck inside the card with double sided tape.


This is the view from above.

It folds flat to go into the envelope. But when you take the card out, it opens up like a flower and then the whole message can be read, Here it is partially opened



If you want to try one yourself, this is the  folding diagram – red are valley folds and blue are mountain folds.

When it is ready to stick in, you have a trapezium shape.


The point of the trapezium goes to the centre of the fold in the card, put two strips of tape [or glue] down the outer straight edges.


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