Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tis The Gift To Be Simple…

SIM05.cover.inddThank you so much to Sarah [everyday life on a shoestring] who very generously sent me some Convalescent Reading Material!

Not only did she send me the mag, but kindly pointed out a couple of items she thought would be of particular interest to me – an article about purple dye, and a tray matching Steph’s new curtains.

Hannah Nunn's lamp

It is certainly a really interesting read- and the website is fun too. Even if you cannot afford the items, and are unlikely to travel to the far flung corners of the planet, it’s fun to sit dream – and work out ways of using the ideas.  I particularly liked Hannah Nunn’s lamp – a simple parchment cylinder surrounding a glass containing a tealight.

I suspect Bob is going to enjoy the pasta making feature too…


I have spent a pleasant afternoon relaxing today with this magazine!

Thanks, Sarah!


  1. It really is a lovely (if a bit pricey) magazine.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hope Bob makes you some pasta soon!

  3. I have recently subscribed to this magazine,but find it does not come up to the standard of magazines like 'Country Living' and is quite depressing and colourless.

    1. Magazines are such a personal thing aren't they? I enjoy flicking through Country Living - sometimes- but then other times find it quite repetitive.

      I suppose the Simple Things mag I read was anything but colourless simply because the article about all the dyes!


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