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Back in early December, I made a pink princess dress for the grand daughter of a friend, to wear for a visit to the Panto.

The young lady in question wears the dress as often as she can when she is not at school, and has been found asleep in bed wearing it, having changed out of her pjs. It was clearly a success. She was given a Snow White dress from the Disney store for Christmas by one of the family. [below left]

snowwhite collar cape

But her real dream is to have a Rapunzel dress [she loves the film ‘Tangled’] Would it be possible for me to make one for her, please?

I have to say at this point that I am not best pleased with the Disney Store – I went into the Norwich branch to look at the Rapunzel dresses – and discovered two different styles on the rack.The salesperson explained that ‘we change the style slightly every January, so each year, the Princess dresses are just a little different’

The cynic in me says “Oh, yeah – and you can bet the children know which one is last year’s style, and want this year’s” I am not honestly sure how long these frocks would last anyway. Some parents spend a fortune on kitting their girls out in these outfits. Home-made is cheaper, and often better made, and I think, more special.


I found some pictures of the various different Rapunzel dresses online, and produced one for my little friend.

I also made another Snow White Apron like these ones I made back in November for Gemma and co.



Here’s my version of the Rapunzel dress [I hung the jewel at the waist rather than on the neckline]


And here’s the Snow White dress with an apron on top which is polycotton and easy to wash!


Even if she insists on being dressed as a princess all the time, at least she can protect her finery from spills at teatime!tangled

I think this little princess has enough gowns for the time being, but of course she may yet discover Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, the Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Jasmine, Merida, Ariel, Pocahontas and Tiana… [If you must know, I like Merida best]


  1. The costumes you have made are wonderful. She is a very lucky girl.

  2. These are fantastic! I have a princess fan here to as you know. I look forward to seeing your future creations x x

  3. And of course, you forgot about 'Elsa' and 'Anna' from the latest Disney offering 'Frozen'! Personally, I think the whole 'Disney' thing is appalling. The prices are highly inflated. Having said that, I can sing you every word of every song in 'Tangled' because my Grandaughter is an avid fan of all things 'Disney'. I think she would be delighted to have either of your handmade dresses which are far superior in quality and design than the originals. I hope your recipient keeps them for her daughters! Sorry for sounding like 'Mother Gothel'!x

  4. Beautiful work, Ang, and sure to last much longer than the shop versions. We only ever had one Disney dress here when the girls were younger, and they were not that keen so it didn't get much wear at all and I ended up giving it to charity. I hope your little friend loves her new dress as much as the first one - and like the others have said, you have plenty of inspiration for more dresses as she grows!

  5. I'm afraid Disney leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
    Jane x

  6. Beautiful dresses! (I like Merida best too!)

  7. Thede two are beautiful!!!!!!! You are so clever. I confess that I'd reaaaaaally like an adult version of the Turquoise and white dress that Giselle wears in Enchanted!!!! I just think it is beautiful!!! Is that sad??? X

    1. I knew nothing about Giselle - found it out here
      You'd suit that turquoise dress, Kezzie, with your long slim legs. When I put on 'princess' frocks, I look like a little cover for the spare toilet roll!

  8. The dresses you have made are lovely - and far superior to those I have seen little girls wearing. My girls weren't that keen on Disney princesses so I didn't have the problem of either making or buying costumes. K's dissertation was an analysis of the portrayal of females in Disney, surrounding the language used( she studied language, literacy and communication at uni) - it was a shocking eye-opener!


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