Thursday, 31 August 2017

Blanket Coverage

So here is part one of this year's UCF Tree Festival Project;

2017 Christmas Tree Project Instructions
This year’s tree requires knitted, not sewn decorations. Part 1 is very easy, and I hope even basic knitters will manage to produce some of these squares. Furthermore, after Christmas, all the squares will be recycled into blankets, for the Biggin Hill Romanian Trust, which is the Shoebox Charity we are supporting this year. So they will be on display to bless our community – and then sent overseas to bless others!

MATERIALS: A pair needles size 4mm [old UK size 8]  and some green double knitting wool.
NOTE: this can be almost ANY shade of green from pale eau de nil, through jade and emerald to olive or bottle green. But PLEASE do NOT use ‘fancy’ yarns [lurex, eyelash, fluffy, angora, etc] or fluorescent hi-viz  day-glo green shades.

k knit; kf&b knit into the front and back of the same stitch;  k2tog knit 2 stitches together
You are only using knit stitch never purl! You will be knitting a square – but on the diagonal.

XMAS SQUARE. (Knit Diagonally)
Using 4mm Knitting Needles. Cast on 1 stitch.
1st Row: kf&b. [2sts]
2nd Row: K1, kf&b. [3sts]
3rd Row: K1, kf&b, k1. [4sts]
Subsequent rows – K1, Kf&b, K to end of row.
REPEAT this increase row until the bottom sides of your triangle measure 4”/10cm
[measure carefully – it is the length of the sides, not the number of rows which matters]
Now do your decrease rows
K1, K2tog, K to end of row
Repeat this decrease row until you have 2sts on needle
Next row – K2 tog  [leaving 1 st]
Now cut the yarn and pull through that last stitch to fasten off
You should have a square with sides of 4”/10cm

A 25 gram ball of yarn should yield about 4 squares. We need about 450, so please make as many as you can! If you get stuck just ask me for help. There will be a second part to this project, which is for more able knitters – to be explained in September. Thanks again for your help with this  - Angela Almond                    ©AA/UCF/07/17

I am happy to say that I announced this at the end of July - I made quite a lot of squares on holiday - and came back to find dozens more waiting in the church office- we're about halfway there
The centre picture shows the squares I made on holiday arranged in a Xmas Tree Shape. Those 'white' squares are actually a very pale green.
Tomorrow I shall post some more pictures about this...


  1. Would you like some more squares posted to you or do they need to be made by you guys? I have some spare scraps of green I can use up. Or I could just send you some wool as a donation x x

  2. Ooh yes please, all green squares knitted to the above pattern gratefully accepted. Please send to Angela Almond, United Church Ferndown, 505 Wimborne Road East, Ferndown BH22 9NF. Thank you


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