Saturday 27 March 2021

Changing My Name To Ebenezer

Bob feels my 'thrift' is going a little too far. As we get closer to The Day, I am steadfastly refusing to replace things, and "making do" with what we have. I am becoming more miserly than  Ebenezer Scrooge. Everything has to earn its place in the removal van - and I don't want to be taking unnecessary items. And I will get the last bit of use out of my supplies. "Don't use so much toothpaste! I refuse to buy another tube here- there's one in the Cornerstones bathroom already, and a spare in the cupboard" Which would be OK if the tube here had been full at the start of the month...[I have a 2nd tube in the downstairs loo, and also two little 'travel ones' from my sponge bag] 

This is empty! Bob declared, dropping the tube in the bedroom bin. A snip with a pair of scissors revealed enough for four more brushings.

I've got just three pairs of old socks here, all the rest went to Cornerstones a while ago. But these are old, thin and holey - and once my toe went through, they became uncomfortable to wear. 

My darning mushrooms are both in Norfolk"! I wailed "Only you could come out with a line like that, Ang" Bob responded. I improvised with the plastic ball that holds the elastic bands, and used some red yarn [couldn't find the black] to mend them.

I've emptied all my shampoo into one bottle, and shaken it enthusiastically. The regular stuff, two sponge bag travel samples, and that weird brown stuff which Steph gave me. It looks like a herbal cough medicine now. But there's 80ml there which should last a fortnight. If there's any left it can be used for general cleaning. Best facecloths are already in Norfolk - leaving two old ones in the bathroom, and the other old ones [including the 'baby' one I had for Liz in 1982, now so thin you can read the paper through it] have been relegated to the cleaning rags [and will be chucked when we leave] Good towels packed- and I shall pack the old thin ones we're using this month to go to the Dog Rescue place when we move out.

Actually, Ebenezer isn't that bad a name - it is Hebrew and means "God has helped me get this far" and that's definitely the case. Steph's friend has just called her new baby Tali [Talitha] - which is Aramaic, and means little girl, or little daughter [Jesus used it in Mark 5:41] I think that is really sweet [once my Embroidery machine is unpacked, I shall be sewing her a named bib]


  1. During my last move I found that it was all those little odds & ends that drove me crazy at the end - so using up as much as you can and not taking it along is a GREAT idea!

  2. I read your post to my husband and he laughed and said "you do those things on a regular basis". I'm often given bags of hotel shampoos and soaps and I grate the soaps and add hot water to make liquid soap. I pour all the shampoos into one bottle and conditioners into another bottle.

  3. I must have Scottish roots too - hate waste! Cheers


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