Sunday 18 July 2021

We Seek Your Kingdom

Earlier this year, the LICC [London Institute for Contemporary Christianity] commissioned a new hymn. Here it is - it was released in April. The tune is the well known "Eventide" [Abide with me]I think the words speak for themselves - a challenge to the church to meet the needs of our world at this time, as we continue to see the changes forced upon us by the pandemic.

We seek your kingdom throughout every sphere

We long for heaven’s demonstration here

Jesus your light shine bright for all to see

Transform, revive, and heal society 

Before all things, in him were all things made

Inspiring culture, media, and trade

May all our work serve your economy

Transform, revive, and heal society

 Peace, truth, and justice reigning everywhere

With us be present in our public square

Fill all who lead with your integrity

Transform, revive, and heal society 

Forgive us Lord, when we have not engaged

Failing to scribe your heart on history’s page

Make us again what we were made to be

Transform, revive, and heal society

 Faithful to govern ever may we be

Selfless in service, loving constantly

In everything may your authority

Transform, revive, and heal society

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  1. That's LOVELY. I sang it on the train in my head!


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