Monday 13 July 2009

Ambridge, America and Art

This is ridiculously exciting! I am sitting in the lounge at Cornerstones, laptop on my lap, actually blogging!  This morning, while I cut the grass, Bob crawled around in the loft, sorting out cables, and now we have broadband here in Broadland.

archers logo

Yesterday afternoon in Leicestershire, I caught up with a whole week’s worth of the Archers. I was reassured to hear Phil speaking again [although he didn’t say much] Quite concerned about Usha the Vicar’s Wife though – her husband wants to take her on a camping holiday. They haven’t specified how they are travelling [he has a motorbike] It will undoubtedly rain buckets – somebody tell her not to do it!! You have no idea how much the prospect of a summer holiday under a real roof, sleeping in a decent bed, this year, cheers my soul!

carnival 2 We missed all sorts of exciting village events last week – it was Carnival week here. The procession of floats started from the end of our road on Saturday 4th. All week there were different things going on – culminating in “The Sponsored Body-Waxing of the Village Postman”

Abraham Lincoln’s family originally came from this village,and as this is the 200th anniversary of his birth, the carnival had a USA theme.carnival 1 Lots of photos have been posted on the net.

Here’s the Chair of the  Parish Council, who led the carnival procession.

Looks like the Parade was really good fun – but I’m not altogether sure where the Postman fits in!

Also today Bob has been putting up pictures. This one is a print which Liz gave us a few years ago when she was working at the Tate marianaGallery. It’s been rolled up in a poster tube at home for ages It is called Mariana [the character in Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure] and was painted by the pre-Raphaelite artist John Everett Millais.

The textures and colours are amazing and I shall get a lot of pleasure looking at it [we have hung it in the bedroom]

Bob calls it “That Woman With Backache”!


  1. You're first Cornerstone blog post - well done!! Happy Norfolk blogging :)

    Lynn @ All things...........

  2. She's supposed to look like she has backache - she's weary and lonely because her fiancé abandoned her! Father is a philistine.

  3. It is a beautiful painting, I've always loved Millais' art. I can see where the bachache comment fits in!

  4. Haven't seen that Millais - like his paintings a lot - but I can definitely see why Bob calls it the woman with backache - I know just how she feels!!

    Your Carnival looked really fun! - many towns used to have them, but they seem to have faded away now. In Herne Bay, in Kent, there used to be a fnatastic event, but nowe it has just petered out.

  5. That is a lovely print - I'm always in awe of paintings, such talent and effort goes into them.... I'm more a stick-men kind of girl, myself ;)

  6. Thanks for all the comments.
    Liz- I shall pass on your remark to the Philistine downstairs!
    Sera - hope you like the print when you see it 'live' in a couple of weeks.
    Liz- I shall pass on your remark to the Philistine downstairs!
    Millais did seem to go in for a lot of miserable/deserted women though [Ophelia, The Black Brunswicker etc]

  7. Hi Angela!
    Thank you for visiting today! About the "freezing of your PC" problem. I cleaned up the sidebar a bit. I got rid of my long chain of photos. Could you check it again and see if that helped? I may need to get rid of my playlist. Thank you! I want you to visit, so we'll get it fixed as soon as possible!


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