Sunday 23 August 2009

Off The Cuff Remarks

Two more photos from yesterday - which didn't quite fit with the other wedding pics, but I couldn't resist taking them.  These splendid cuff-links belong to Paul, our resident Maths Geek...


...and this is the cuff of his father-in-law David, who played the keyboard at the wedding, and is part of our regular Worship Group


When I took Paul's picture, someone remarked that only a very limited circle of people would appreciate these cufflinks. I replied that those people would at least know what the circumference of their circle was!


  1. Well I think the cuff links are great, although I can't see the photo of David's as the picture is blocked by our filtering software?!?
    Thanks for the photos, everyone looks very summery and beautiful. Just looking at some photos Mike put on Facebook too, they are also good.

  2. Very strange about the filtering - the cufflinks are a row of black and white piano keys! Glad you have been able to catch up with the pictures x


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