Monday 21 December 2009

Eschatology Books Reduced by 80%?


Borders finally closes tomorrow. The madness round here continues...

The Window Man ["I'll be there by 9am Monday"] is having problems with his van.

Knowing the weekend would be frenetic, I prepared my Advent Reflection and left it to post itself on Sunday morning. Well, you can forget that line about "On Tuesday my girls will be home..."

eiffel tower Liz and Jon who went for a romantic 2 day pre-Christmas break to Paris on Friday morning are still there, because Eurostar is not running. They have discovered that if no trains run tomorrow, then they will not be running till Boxing Day at the earliest. Liz and Jon have just spent a fortune on the only plane tickets they could get, hoping to fly back to the UK tomorrow night. But their train tickets home to the midlands will be worthless as they were pre-booked for Tuesday morning. Let us hope the weather conditions do not force the planes to be grounded!

But I am grateful they are warm and dry, have credit cards to pay for things, and were not among those stranded inside the Tunnel over the weekend. And thankful for Jon's brother who has volunteered to drive down from Nottingham to fetch them from London if necessary. Also grateful to Rich and Ed for looking after Monty the Cat, and Steph for keeping in regular touch with us.

But for now the sun is shining, although it is very cold, and Bob and I are just off to our first funeral of the week...


  1. Praying for stranded daughters Ang!

  2. Oh no! You are having such a cold Christmas week, Angela! The trains shut down? How can they DO that? Yikes!

  3. Oh I hope they get back, I'll be praying too.

  4. Have only just caught up on your posts - gosh you must have been worried. Glad they are home.


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