Saturday, 12 July 2014

About Time Too!

Lego will be launching a range of minifigures featuring female scientists next month. This will include an astronomer, a paleontologist, and a chemist and their equipment.

lego female scientists

The official announcement!

Now please can I have a set of female minifigures who are sewing, preaching, and writing blogs!!


  1. Am sitting here with my eleven year old niece and she is inspired by these Lego figures! She says she would like to have an Animal Rescuer female Lego figure too, as that is what she wants to be! XCathy

    1. I like that suggestion - I hope your niece achieves her ambition - maybe she could design a set of minifigures for next year's competition [with a little help from her Designer Aunt!!]

  2. Ha! I feel a little guilty that I vacuumed up so many Lego pieces when the kids were young!

  3. If they had a doctor one I would have used it as a motivation during my exams (as it is, my friend and I said that if we get the right results in august we will go to build-a-bear and get a bear wearing scrubs!!)


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