Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tea For Two – And Dreams Of Beach Huts

IMG_2538On Saturday at our Church Tabletop Sale [which looks like raising £400 when all the money is in!] I saw a coffee mug. I know I have plenty of mugs – but this one had beach huts on it. I love beach huts. It was sitting there, whispering  “Cornerstones” to me. So having shown Bob how lovely it was, I bought it. I hid it in my box in the church kitchen, so it didn’t get sold again by mistake.


Shortly afterwards, Bob came up to me, very pleased – he had found the matching mug on the other side of the room! Steph likes VW Camper Vans, so I knew she would approve if we got this one too. That one went off to the box as well.

I was mainly selling so did not buy too much – but when I got home, I got the mugs out of the box. And discovered …


…that they are not a pair after all! First mug is fine bone china, with an elegant curved handle- the second is much chunkier with a bigger, rounder handle, and it is taller and a little slimmer. But I still love them. and the birds on the telegraph wire appear on both.

On the subject of beach huts – it is my dream to have a little beach hut sentry box, rather like these**, at Cornerstones one day

beach hut bluebeach hut yellowshed green-001

filing drawers-001

Currently there is something which looks rather more like this standing the garden.

Bob assures me that The Great Smoker Project does include working on its outward appearance.

Watch this space

** but I am not going to pay £250 to Scotts of Stow for one!


  1. His n' Her mugs - great finds. I'm laughing at the sight of that filing cabinet. Perhaps Bob should just leave it at the side of your road with an 'I'll pay you to take this away' sign on it!Your beach hut idea is much nicer but I totally agree about Scotts of Stow - highly overpriced. Seems like we've both been daydreaming about little wooden houses!

  2. Lovely mugs - and they *co-ordinate* rather than match, which is even better!

  3. I'm a bit of a 'mugaholic', every now and then I have to 'thin' them out and take them to the charity shop!
    But, I've had my eye on a few mugs of late, maybe I could put them in the dresser cupboard and get some new ones, then a few weeks or months later, swap them over again? Restraint, restraint, restraint!

    Thanks for the comment about the coop etc. I'm not sure as the nest box apparently doesn't come off but, might be able to unscrew and re-assemble. There is a run that can have the same treatment and then they might just fit in a large estate car. According to the instructions sent to me, all the joints are screwed and glued. The other thing is - there are 3 birds to accommodate in pet carriers, plus all the other stuff, feeder/drinker/food etc. AND there are about 6 aviary panels, (wood and wire) about 6 foot long!
    Can I phone you later to discuss?
    Sandie xxx

  4. Forgot to mention, Rita has one of these 'Sentry-style' sheds. I think she got it from B&Q, Tesco on-line might still have them too. And of course, nowhere near the 'Stowe' prices!

  5. We have a 'beach hut' shed by the veggy patch,but we've always called it the 'dunny'. Perhaps I'll start calling it the 'beach hut' ,now I know they are trendy!
    Jane x

  6. Love the mugs. When you showed the mugs separately they do like they are from the same set but when you put them together you can tell the difference. The design is beautiful though.

  7. Cute mugs! They do look similar! The shed is lovely! Surely you could make one!!! X

    1. I don't think I could do it MYSELF...but I know a man who can!


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