Friday, 7 August 2015


Bob decided the inside of smoker cabinet was looking dingy, and found some spare green paint – so cleaned off the old labels, and made the doors look bright and shiny. The original plastic handles stuck out too far, and were melting – they have been replaced by wingnuts. Next time we come, he will put leather straps across as heatproof handles [we’ve got some leather offcuts in Ferndown]




He also had a spare external socket lying around in the garage [I didn’t ask why!] so this has been fitted under the roof. My thought was that this was to power pretty fairy lights- but I suspect Bob, Jon and Mark will find a use relating to chilled beverages! I undercoated the cabinet, then painted it green, and finally added white gloss details, and a doorknob.




Is this not the most beautiful smoker you have ever seen? I cannot believe how brilliantly he’s interpreted my dream - thanks Bob!

Now I am asking for your suggestions, please – what should I add as a final decoration to the door of my splendid little hut?


  1. It looks amazing! Well done Bob. I would add something nautical to the hut because it does look like a beach hut. A shell wreath? xx

    1. Nautical is good - and shells are a great idea. I must collect some next time I visit the beach!

  2. It is wonderful! Could you include rope or driftwood in the decor? Looks like you are having a great time. Hope you are resting as well.


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