Monday, 3 August 2015

Say It With Flowers

st marys churchOver the weekend we visited the Fete and Flower Festival at Old Hunstanton. St Mary’s Church is situated opposite the old duck pond, and the fete is held in adjoining grounds.

summer fete

We arrived around 9.45am and the car park was half full and the marquees were already heaving with people in search of bargains. We enjoyed tea and scones then went to the church.

The theme was ‘Great Films’ – and thirty cinema classics had been selected for floral interpretation. The church was even more crowded than the fete, and we shuffled round slowly. I did not take photos of them all. Some were better than others – not because the arrangements were more accomplished – but rather because quite a few were simply some props around a vase of flowers- and without the props, you would have no idea what film it was! The Yellow Brick Road was quite evident as we entered and saw Dorothy’s Red Shoes, this was clearly The Wizard of Oz

flower festival old hunst'ton 31 071

flower festival old hunst'ton 31 072Disney’s Snow White [and the Wicked Stepmother] were clearly shop mannequins, but sadly SWs complexion was peeling badly! The WS was clearly the fairer of the two.

The Ten Commandments was in three parts – the Burning Bush, crossing the Red Sea , and the Pillar of Fire. The knitted Israelite figures looked strangely familiar, then I heard the lady explaining she had re-used the ones from her Nativity Set!

flower festival old hunst'ton 31 073

P1010965We liked Singing In The Rain which had the flowers arranged in wellies and an umbrella. Similarly Top Hat used the headgear [film trivia – in the song, Fred Astaire lists every item of clothing he puts on for his night out – except his trousers!] We thought Gone With the Wind was colourful – but without the poster, I am not sure you would have guessed what the film was.P1010956


My Fair Lady had a good representation of Beaton’s monochrome Ascot scene, and Treasure Island had some exotic flowers, plus a treasure chest spilling out with flowers and gold coins.



flower festival old hunst'ton 31 074

Brief Encounter was in two parts – the table in the railway tea room, and the train itself.

But we both thought the best was The Dambusters – this display was all flowers – the RAF rondel, the bouncing bombs and the explosion. Really effective!



Walking back to the car park, I had to stop and photograph the road sign.

Only in Norfolk!!


  1. Love the sign and agree that the Dambusters display is very clever and effective! J xx

  2. Such lovely flower arrangements!

  3. OAPs! Just as important as ducks.

  4. My favourite arrangement is,'Singing in the rain'.


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