Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hanging Around In The Lounge.

The curtains in our lounge are at least twenty years old [or so the lady who lived there before it became The Manse told me - she bought them!] They've done the job, but they are green and red floral, in a room with blue walls and blue sofas. But it is a huge window, and new curtains would cost a fortune. Here's the old curtains [at the Pancake Party in the spring]
What I really wanted was something in shades of blue and cream/beige.
Just before we went on holiday, I was in the local Pramacare CS. They had a basket of brand new curtains in just the shades I wanted.
They were a couple of inches too short, but had very deep hems.
I bought two pairs [it's a wide window with patio doors in the middle]
I let down the old hems and pressed them, and the curtains are currently hanging up. In a week or two, when they have 'dropped' I shall hem them properly [also seam them in pairs, so I have just two wide curtains]
Oh, it looks so much brighter and fresher! Very pleased - and they only cost me £17.
I was watching stuff on i-player whilst getting the hems and hooks sorted. Particularly 'Fill your home for Free' with Kirstie Allsopp - and now the new series with Gok Wan. 
Some of their makeovers and upcycling projects are good, but others do not appeal to me at all.
But I do approve of the idea of re-using stuff that might otherwise go to landfill.
There was still some of the mixture left in my jamjar, so I had a go at polishing up the Kitchen Chairs.
We don't have room in this kitchen for a table and chairs- so they are scattered round the house in other rooms. These chairs are at least 30 years old, and came from my in-laws home in Kent. Just a few minutes of attention has turned their tired, grubby, dry finish to a glowing honey colour. Do you think I am getting addicted to the smell of boiled linseed oil?

One final unexpected bonus - someone urgently needed a set of long curtains to go at a window in a magnolia lounge. I delivered the old curtains - and came away with a tin of beeswax polish. Stage Two of the chair renovations begins next week!


  1. Lovely curtains, just what you hoped for.

  2. That is perfect community living!


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