Wednesday 10 February 2021

Alas Poor Yorick...

 ...I Discarded Him, Horatio

It was one of those part-works magazines, back in the 1990s. "Build a  skeleton". Week one was 99p and you got the skull - and I thought "This might come in useful for Hamlet or Halloween or something" It hasn't been useful in 20 years. It's in the bin!

I said to Mark in the Kirby paper shop - "I'm only buying this one issue - not paying £3.99 a week for more bones. So no regular order for me, thanks"

Mark said that the majority of those partworks- with a 99p "attract the buyer" first issue usually never sold after about week 3. But one gentleman newly retired in the village decided to build Nelson's Victory as a 'little project'. He requested a regular order of the magazine. 150 issues - at £6 a week. [plus your own glue and paints] "That's the best part of £1000!" I said, genuinely horrified at such expenditure. But apparently the guy had persevered - until the point when there was a fault with the supplied wooden parts, and they just didn't fit. How incredibly frustrating.
Fifty spare coathangers [used mostly for play costumes] went free to a lady whose grand-daughter had just moved into a new flat. And the four large boxes of costumes have been pruned, purged, or passed on and I am only taking one to Norfolk. I'll do this if it kills me!


  1. I feel your pain, Ang. It is so difficult to downsize I find. All those " what ifs". Keep going.


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