Monday 22 February 2021

Snuggling Up With My Huffle-Buffs


No, not Hufflepuffs, That's a Harry Potter word- one of the four houses at Hogwarts. Characters are sorted into houses based on their characteristics, and Hufflepuff is known for having members that are patient, fair, hard-working, and sometimes blandly nice.

This word is hufflebuffs. This is a couple of centuries old, a Scots dialect word - for old clothes, worn out, but very comfy- the sort you can lounge about in. 

This word deserves greater recognition during lockdown - so much more evocative than lounge-wear or that other hideous portmanteau term athleisure.

Hands up if you have spent much of the last year in elasticated waist jogging pants or leggings, and perhaps eschewed underwired, padded, lacy bras for lightweight crop tops and bralettes. [note do not confuse M&S bralettes with their kalettes and cobettes, which are found in the vegetable aisle]

If you don't have to go out to the office, and your 3 year old is finger painting beside you as you tap away on your laptop at the kitchen table, why would you dress up in smart white shirt, pencil skirt, tights and heels? 

Yes, maybe put on a clean, smart[ish] top for a zoom meeting - but please dress for high comfort not haute couture. Life is stressful enough right now without worrying about laddered hosiery.

Most of my clothes are packed- I've kept out a smart dress and one tunic which are good for recording church things [and yes, I have realized to late that my best slippers make a brief appearance on the Day Of Prayer video!]  I have no idea what I can wear for Kezzie's Fancy Dress Birthday Party but I will think of something.

My Huffle-Buffs include two large zip up fleece jackets bought in 2004. I'm sitting here swathed in the black one, the blue one is hanging up at Cornerstones. Both way too big [they were required 'uniform' garments, I had no say in the sizing] but when I am feeling chilly, they go over everything else and provide a warm extra comforting layer. I am not fussed about stains and spills - and my phone is safe in a zipped pocket, even if I am in the garden or clambering in the loft.  They are wearable security blankets - old, worn, familiar, and comforting.

What are your Huffle-Buffs?


  1. Please don't worry about my party if too difficult!
    I like the term Hufflepuffs. To be honest with you, I don't really own joggers though I was indulging in wearing the cashmere during a cold January when at home. I tend to wear leggings with dresses or comfy work trousers anyway most of the time so my stay at home wardrobe isn't vastly different from regular work wear.

  2. My "huffle buffs" would be sweatpants (maybe they are the same as what you call jogging pants?) and sweatshirts. At least, in the winter. In the summer, skirts and tops or dresses - something that will keep me cool when it is 90+F. :)

  3. Yes, a pair of 'velvet'pull on trousers comes out over the weekends, very comfy. Otherwise it's jeans and sweatshirts. I often wonder if a politician ie Hancock, is wearing pyjama bottoms under the desk??

  4. I do not like BoJo's casual scruffy approach. I'm getting old!

  5. Love this word!
    I have spent much of he past year (at least the non Summer months) alternating between 3 pairs of "stretch pants/leggings - and some nice clean shirts on days when I am Zooming or leaving my apt. On days when I won't be leaving the apt. it tends to be 1 or 3 pair of lounge pyjamas worn with a t-shirt.
    I try to stay tidy and at least shower every other day (although hair washing has gone to every 3 or 4 days) and I do wear some makeup when Zooming as otherwise I look too pale!
    I'm trying to lose some of the weight I've gained before I have to go back to some more fitted trousers and jeans!

    1. I am alarmed to find that my favourite pair of smart black trousers are just too tight. I look alarmingly red against our green-screen when recording, so unlike you I NEED paler makeup!


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