Tuesday 8 June 2021

Rosemary Beetle, And Other Strange People

OK we dealt with her last week. Rosemary Beetle is just a pest. But there have been other strange characters mentioned in the past few days.

Lying in bed the other morning, we heard the bin lorry coming up the Close. Due to the excessive number of cars parked at the end, there is not sufficient room for a bin lorry to turn round. 

In fact, no room for a hearse, fire engine, ambulance or any long or large vehicle to manoeuvre  - so the majority of these come in backwards and go out forwards. So as I was lying there, contemplating making a cup of tea, I heard one of those synthesised voices,repeatedly  announcing these two men Theodore McNurty, Stan Wellclere

Theodore McNurty, Stan Wellclere could be refuse collection workers for Breckland District Council. But they aren't - it is just my crazy brain interpreting the automatic warning from the dustcart - Vehicle Reversing, Stand Well Clear !

Bob was talking about things he might like to do during retirement, including acquiring new craft skills. And getting to know new people "I'd like to learn more about Miguel Ding" he announced. I thought this was a craftsperson of Spanish/Chinese descent - but no

This was what he had in mind
I love these misheard Mondegreens [explanation here]
Do you have any strange characters whose names make you smile?


  1. There have been loads of things I remember my sister and I getting wronh as we grew up but of course most are slipping my mind right now.
    One that I can think of is in that Michael Jackson song 'Annie are you ok?' song (at least that's what I think the real lyrics are- As a child I thought it was 'Energy wonky, edgy wonky, edgy wonky, edgy.' I blame MJ's pronunciation!

  2. Having just looked this up, I think that your childhood brain was wisely protecting you from the genuine lyrics!

  3. Over my years in work I came across some very interesting names.
    There was the young man whose surname was Butter and his parents Christened him Roland.
    The lady called Lily who married a Mr Pond and when he died married again a Mr Pool.
    The baby girl whose mum unfortunately called her Clamydia and when her social worker pointed out the problem said it was a nice name and she would keep it. I just hope it was shortened to Lydia.

    1. Oh these are brilliant! thanks for making me smile

    2. Jean, these are absolutely hysterical!!! Roland Butter is hilarious! I remember that we had a Hayley Ball and Paul Whaley in my senior school form and one day, somebody realised it would be really funny if they swapped surnames!

  4. These made me laugh - and yes, I think we've all misheard lyrics or things people say to us - it's funny where the brain leads us!

  5. A former pastor with the last name of Parish.

  6. As a nervous teenage filing clerk I was asked over the phone for the folder for Mr. Slee but went looking for Mr. Flea!

  7. I'm always mishearing song lyrics!


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