Sunday 27 March 2022

Lent Reflection #4 - Laughing Innocently

looking again, learning graciously, leaving deliberately 
but what on earth do I mean by laughing innocently ??

Today is Mothering Sunday, and for many people that is as much about the children as it is the Mums. 

I love it when my Granddaughter Jess or my great-nephew Arthur start chuckling. They cannot talk yet, but are clearly amused when adults blow raspberries, or tickle their toes. The happy laughter of children in the playground brings a smile to our faces. 

But think about the adjectives we often use for laughter 

  • unkind laughter in the sports lesson when somebody fumbles a catch
  • cynical laughter in Parliament when somebody on the other side says something
  • wicked laughter [ok I have only seen this on TV dramas] when somebody is hurt, or killed
  • nervous laughter from someone who isn't sure how to handle a tricky situation
  • forced laughter when a person wants to seem polite-but doesn't find it funny
  • hysterical laughter when somebody has absolutely lost control
  • laugh-out-loud laughter when we are really amused
I want my laughter to represent pure joy - and never at the expense of anyone else's misfortune. Laughing with people, not at them. Laughing because it is a way to express my happiness. 
Children get that - their laughter is innocent, and gleeful.
There's lots of sadness around - but sometimes it is wonderful to be able to laugh together
Look at these two happy little cousins on the slide together - chuckling and waving. 

Sometimes we need to be more like little children!


  1. Thanks for that, Ang. It's given me food for thought.

  2. It’s also said laughter is the best medicine!

  3. 🤣🤣 Definitely a balm for the soul

  4. There is also Holy laughter, which I experienced many, many years ago during prayer for healing at an event held by the Anglican Fellowship of prayer. I was healed of something troubling me and found myself laughing and laughing. It was not uncontrollable, I could stop when I was ready to. The Anglican priest who prayed for me said that he felt that he was blessed, too.

  5. Healing is indeed a reason for joy

  6. As a retired teacher it was difficult to explain to some children that laughing could be a form of bullying.


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