Saturday 23 December 2023

Almost Ready...

Things are looking more festive - the tree twinkling away, and my little Ferndown Fabricland Elf sits underneath it. 
Viv from the Craft Group popped round to see if I was over my cold, and bring me a gorgeous little mouse [thank you!] I am beginning to relax now my cold has gone...
Friday morning I got out my megasize slocooker, and made a huge batch of Ragu - using up the leftover veg in the fridge and a big bag of mince. I 'stretched' it with some red lentils, and thickened it with some oats, and added fresh herbs from the garden. Now it is in my IKEA containers- one holding 8 portions, and 2 with 4 portions. 
They are in the freezer and will be useful for family meals with pasta, or under a mashed potato hat. 
I have declared that Christmas Food can now be eaten - Bob has opened the box of cheese biscuits, and we had a couple of mini stollen bites with our tea.
I cut out some more of the felt pieces for the Advent stitching - and was able to stitch whilst watching the Only Connect and University Challenge Christmas Specials. I am just half a day behind now. This is progress!
Liz and co have arrived safely from London and they are at their cottage - we will meet up tomorrow.  
I confess to wasting a bit of time today playing with an Elf Name Generator. programme. 

Apparently my elf name is FizzWizz JollyBum!


  1. And, don't know what you leave for Santa in your house but that elf looks as though it's found the sherry!

  2. It's the small treats that I enjoy most at Christmas - we're fond of Stollen bites too, today though, I really must make a few mince pies or my husband will be very disappointed, he loves a homemade mince pie x
    Alison in Wales x

  3. I need to get the cake iced today...

  4. I love your elf name! Glad you are now able to do your own preparations and that the London family have arrived safely. Catriona

  5. I approve of your Christmas mouse. We have had a rather chubby one for years, it is holding a Christmas wreath and it is one decoration that I will not downsize, and look forward to displaying. I think we will be getting into the Christmas goodies today, too!

  6. We've opened our tin of Christmas chocolates and I had to try out for my elf name Jingle Wonkybottom, isn't that wonderful and it made Iris my granddaughter giggle. Have a lovely family Christmas. Hugs Gill Xx

  7. Your Christmas tree is joyful as iss your new little mouse. So glad you're over your cold.
    I'm not ready but lack the energy to do much more. DS1 in Florida will be 44 tomorrow. Yikes!


    1. Over the cold, but my new filling has just fallen out!

  8. Dear Fizzwizz Jollybum,
    I hope you got your cake iced, mine's just having a glazed fruit top, super easy!
    Love from, Freckly Grumpyhat X

  9. Oh how wonderful... I love.
    I sit back and relax... everything is ready and to top it off there was a lot of snow today... I'm so happy.
    I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.
    A hug from Viola

  10. I'm glad you are feeling better, Angela. Your tree looks lovely.


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