Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A few more pictures!

I discovered that I had got 3 usable photos today. The prayer tennis- balls, a picture of 3 of the behind-the-scenes-ladies who have produced refreshments and done registration and sorted all the 'backroom' jobs - and finally a picture of Paul's table with all the multi-media gear. The first holiday club I helped at [which was 40 years ago] we didn't even have an Overhead Projector! I still haven't mastered posting pictures with words in between.Perhaps if I talk out loud whilst I am doing this, the pole-bridging technique will help. Or perhaps Bob will decide I am quite mad after all!





  1. I missed so many of your posts for some reason. You guys really have a great time at your Holiday Bible Club! :)

  2. Sorry you missed some posts.
    HBC continues to go well - thanks for the good wishes and prayers x

  3. great photos - and great scot, you must have been in nappies when you started helping at holiday clubs 40 years back!

  4. No, Catriona - I AM very old! It was 1968, and a teenager - the year I started preaching!


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