Friday, 11 July 2008

A Knot of Toads

IM002644 Here are four toads [correct collective noun is apparently 'a knot'] dressed and ready to go as gifts to my 3 colleagues [Claire, Jackie, Sam] who have worked incredibly hard on the School Production - plus one for Hannah, who had the starring role.

They began life like this IM002634in the children's section in IKEA. I removed their bizarre blue tops [with attached wings] and their little green and white check shorts.

Then I made paper patterns for jacket and shorts, which I cut out of remnants of the fabric used for Hannah's costume.

This is where the facing with nappy-liners business comes in. I cut out a simple jacket shape, then sewed it onto a nappy linerIM002642, then trimmed the edges, clipped the curves and turned it right side out.

Then I top-stitched the hems,cuffs, front edge and neckline.Finally I sewed side seams and sleeve seams.

Then I turned it out, and had a beautifully faced and lined jacket.



I made 4 of those, then did the shorts That was harder because of the bizarre shape of the toad's bottom - made so that it will sit up - but therefore requiring a complex dart across the back. Fortunately I was able to work the pattern out from the shorts which came with the toy.

IM002636 I embroidered a slogan to sew on the vest - made from an old stretchy vest which was in my stash. Just two rectangles sewn together at sides and shoulders.


IM002637 IM002635 outfit with facings I am really pleased with the final results. The nappy liner facings work really well - much cheaper than Vilene, and ideal for smaller projects where you don't want a thicker fabric.

I can see why Ann suggested them as backing for applique patches.

Well, that's the school production over for another year. Now to work out what to do with the blue winged tops- I can't just throw them away - but that may have to wait until after Holiday Club !

My last day in school has gone really well, and I shall miss the Leavers as they move on to Big School! The children are very generous,I came home laden with pot plants,chocolates and greetings cards. My Wednesday [Year 4] group made me a fabulous card-cum-book - each child had contributed a page, and it was decorated with pictures of motorbikes and a little woman with a sewing machine. Hannah [Mr Toad] and the three teaching friends absolutely adored their toads.

Now it's full speed ahead to prepare for Champion's Challenge.

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