Friday 22 May 2009

Freedom of Speech

big brother

A Scottish teacher is in trouble for 'twittering' 38 times a day whilst at work. Fair enough.

But the bit that got me was the paragraph on the BBC News Website today saying "Argyll and Bute Council policy states that teachers may access professional blogs which have educational value but are not allowed to have their own blog."

Remind me never to move to Argyll and Bute then!


  1. Do Argyll and Bute provie their teachers with a laptop? Otherwise, he must have had a lot of access to the ICT suite!

  2. What??! Where is political correctness then?

  3. I think the teacher was using a mobile phone.

    Obviously a secondary teacher- a primary teacher wouldn't find 3 spare moments in the day to type 'twitters' let alone 38 !!!

  4. Not allowed to have their own blog? Surely that is her free choice. Perhaps they are justified in not allowing her to blog in school time and disallow blogging about school activities - but a total blog ban? I feel we should march upon the government - FREEDOM TO BLOG! :)


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