Saturday 23 May 2009

Green and Pleasant Land

The weather is lovely so some hard work in the garden will take our minds off losing Charlie. Perhaps...



"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.

Pray, love, remember"

[Ophelia, in Hamlet]


Blossom where you're planted


The red berries are beginning to appear on the skimmia


There is white blossom in next door's trees


And the ceanothus is a startling shade of bright blue.


All very patriotic!

On a more prosaic note, my attempts at growing vegetables are having mixed results.


The greenery in the pots of potatoes is flourishing.

When am I supposed to harvest these?

The greenery on the garlic went limp and yellow, and a friend advised that it was time to dig it up.

So I did that today...



In retrospect, I think she may have been wrong. I should have waited a bit longer. I was hoping for fat juicy bulbs, not these glorified spring onions!

They smell good though, and Bob suggested they might be nice in salads.


The adjective for the gardening is definitely "burgeoning" today, I think. But realistically I have to admit that all this growth is down to the Good Lord - because I am no good at this game at all. Not disciplined enough. I am the same with houseplants - I take the Baptist approach of immersing them once and then forgetting them!



I am hoping that the Gardening Gene, which is incredibly strong in Bob's family, will be more in evidence as he gets older. His siblings only have to look at a plant for it to burst forth into blossom!


I struggle with growing cress on a flannel!


  1. You have to keep covering your potato leaves with more soil until the soil is at the top of the pot and then let the leaves grow up again & then when you get the flowers they should be ready to eat.

  2. Sorry Ang the pot post was me - forgot to sign off,"Roger, over & out"

  3. Thankyou Lynn. The soil is at the top of the pot now, I have been remembering to 'earth up' as instructed.
    I shall await signs of flowers.
    Does Steve know about Roger??!!

  4. Agreed, my husband always says.dont dig till the potato has flowered. We have been eating our first early potatoes....absolutely super!


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