Thursday 26 August 2010


Which used to mean Tender Loving Care


Now apparently means Tummy Loving Care according to Martine McCutcheon.

martine & activia

Last week, my SIL Marion brought some Activia Yogurt to the picnic. I’d not eaten one before, and when I’d finished, I sat looking at the empty plastic pot. I turned it round in my fingers, turned it upside down, and peered into it. “You’re working out what to make with it, aren’t you?” said Marion [they know me too well] “Hmm, Holiday Club Crafts…” I muttered “But you only just finished this year’s one!” said Lucy. “Yes, but if I need to collect about a hundred, that takes time” I explained.

So the pot has been properly washed and is sitting on the sideboard


I am still waiting for inspiration. I did Google a bit, and came up with this project

activia pincushion

A truly fabulous piece of creativity – but I am not sure that it is manageable for 5 year olds [who have no need of pincushions anyway]

And whilst it would do for making a lovely ‘cress head’ that isn’t very easy to achieve in the limited time space of the Club

I keep looking at the pot as I go past…after all, I do feel that

This Looks Craftable!!

Does anyone else have an idea for recycling these pots as a children’s craft activity?


  1. A money box for charity or kindness pot?

  2. I agree I have often thought you should be able to make something from these. The only thing that springs to mind for kids is make a sort of musical shaker. Put lentils in, cover it up and fix with an elastic band and shake away. I don't know how good it would sound but it would be easy to try.

    Personally I think it would make a great paint pot.

  3. It looks like a useful starting point for making maracas to me! Part fill with lentils/ dried peas etc, add a lid and a handle, paint and there you have it - something to rattle in (or out of) time with the songs. Five year olds will love it, even if their parents don't!

  4. Paint it, add raffia handle and it becomes a tiny basket, things!

  5. Candles? Though they are 5 year olds.

    Musical shaker is a good idea.

  6. or decorate, use string to make a handle and then it's a little basket for a gift. (if they were older I'd say tealight holder) Or they could use it as a tiny plant pot.

  7. OK - thanks for all these comments - musical instruments or little baskets with handles are both good ideas.
    I thought about tealights too, but decided that the children are too young and the plastic may melt, so that idea gets abandoned on 2 counts.

  8. What a neat shape - truly craftable, but I'm not very crafty so have no ideas for you - I just like the shape, we don't get that shape container here!

  9. I'd have to cover it with something, cloth or glue on pieces of paper or cloth for a stained glass look, then I would probably plant something in it. Since winter is coming, a bulb or some small flower that could live inside. :-) Kids love to plant,

  10. I'm now seeing four of them as wheels for some kind of car/truck project!

  11. String holder/dispenser? A ball of string inside, something to seal up the opening, then a hole to dispense the string through?


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