Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Very Damp Saturday

Last Saturday I was in London – I went with Liz to see the Lord Mayor’s Show – a fantastic parade of floats and bands and dancers, who followed the Golden Mayoral Coach from the Guildhall [via the Mansion House and St Paul’s] to the Royal Courts of Justice. It was brilliant – but absolutely soaking wet – the rain was coming down “straight ‘airpins”. Despite that the participants were resolutely cheerful. It was hard to get good photos as we had chosen to keep moving rather than stand in one place- but here are a few of my pictures.

Beforehand, the cars of the Borough Mayors were parked near Mansion House – and the Horse Guards formed up.


A robot made entirely of purple wheelie bins and some rather damp members of the Guild Of Educators


One of the regiments had fought at Waterloo, and were led by Wellington [in his boots!] while Napoleon brought up the rear


The Worshipful Company of Marketors were there- with their Marmite. HP Sauce and Colman’s Mustard. I cannot remember who had the inflatable pig!



We plodded through the rain to Covent Garden, where we found Reindeer- artificial and living ones!


it was a truly fabulous morning – and we stopped for a warm, and filling, lunch of pie and mash at the Battersea Pie Station in Covent Garden.


“I should take a picture of you for the blog” said Liz “you never appear on it”

“Thank you” I said “I never think to ask people to take pictures of me. I think my readers won’t be interested”

“Oh, but you look so wonderfully wet and bedraggled!” my darling daughter replied.

Yes, yes I do indeed – but please note, I also look very happy!! Bob said there were clips on the BBC news and he did look out for my yellow jacket, but didn’t see me among the thronging crowds. I would like to watch this Parade in another year – preferably when it is dry!


  1. Good pictures despite the weather. And yes you do look happy and relaxed. I see you had gravy with your pie and mash not the traditional liquor.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time and I adore that robot. Ha ha "so wonderfully wet and bedraggled" but yes very happy. :)

  3. Love the idea of "A robot made entirely of purple wheelie bins and some rather damp members of the Guild Of Educators".

  4. It is a happy picture, and I bet the pie and mash warmed you up a treat. Definitely comfort food on a wet day!

  5. That must have been a super day, despite the weather.

  6. Oh you are radiant! Come see our Lord Mayor's Show too!

  7. A soggy smile on a happy face.
    Jane x

  8. AnAnd why would we not want to see you? You have a beautiful smile that should be shared with the world! (and nice yellow raincoat! ). The Lord Mayor's show sounds great. I expect my old Uni samba band were playing- they always take part!x

  9. That is a cute picture of you!


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