Monday, 18 November 2013

Tea For Mrs Tiggywinkle?

echinaceaThis is echinacea – a pretty flower, which herbalists believe can help reduce the duration of colds and flu.

Suffering with a heavy cold, and having been sent a voucher by that nice Mr Twining, I thought I’d buy some teabags

twinings echinacea

It was already half price, so I got a real bargain.

I do not normally like fruit teas but I just fancied these, and 65p didn’t seem too much of an extravagance. I really like them!

Bob came home and said “What are you drinking?” “Echinacea Tea” “Isn’t that a sort of hedgehog?” “No darling, that’s an echidna!”


mrs tuggywinkle tea"Then Mrs.Tiggy-winkle made tea—a cup for herself and a cup for Lucie. They sat before the fire on a bench and looked sideways at one another”

I shall definitely call it Hedgehog Tea from now on!


  1. hahaha I just have an image in my head now of Bob looking at you in a sort of "you monster - you're drinking a hedgehog" kind of way - cheered me up enormously after a long day at school!!!

  2. I take echinacea tincture (well I did when I got up with time to spare in the mornings) in order to ward off colds. Must do, must do!!x

  3. That's a serendipity joining there! I put Echinacea drops in orange juice as soon as anyone in the house so much as sneezes. For me, you understand!

  4. Hedgehog tea sounds so much nicer!

  5. Hedgehog tea. Hmmm ... I think I'll stick with flowers.


  6. Ah, that's precious! Hedgehog tea :) Don't husbands say the silliest things?


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