Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Some Day My Prince Will Come…

You remember this teaser photo I posted in October?

snow white aprons1

My friend Gemma has started a new company

dream parties

She asked if I’d make some Snow White themed aprons for herself and her business partner Hetal [and their two little girls] and supplied some ideas.

SW film

SW apron

The brief was that the aprons are to go over regular clothing, but have a suitable SW appearance- plus they needed to be in durable, washable polycotton. They’re for the times at the parties when food is served, so had to be practical! Here they are awaiting collection …



  1. Those aprons are beautiful

  2. Oh fab! They'd go for a fortune at Disneyland, Paris!

  3. How fabulous, you clever lady. Jen at the Madhouse pointed me over to you. I'm setting up a FB group for Cristian women bloggers - Might you be interested? Mich x

  4. Wow, there is a business idea hanging right there in your living room!!


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