Tuesday, 18 August 2015


It’s OK there are NO spoilers in this post! read on…

We’ve now watched 4 out of 6 programmes in the new “Partners In Crime” series – the BBC’s latest interpretation of Agatha Christie’s husband-and-wife sleuths, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. This pair first appeared in a 1922 collection – and unlike many other fictional sleuths, these do get older in subsequent stories – Agatha’s last story ‘Postern of Fate’ written in 1973 has them in their 70s!


Down the years they have appeared on TV played by various actors. In the 80s they were played by James Warwick and Francesca Annis – this 10 part series was recently repeated on the Drama channel. In this they do not have children, but they do have a hapless assistant called Albert. [In the books, they have twin children called Deborah and Derek, plus an adopted daughter]

scachi & andrews

In 2006, in the Geraldine McEwan ‘Miss Marple’ series, bafflingly, Granada TV decided to take a T&T story [By the pricking of my thumbs] and make Miss M the one who really helps the pair solve the mystery. Anthony Andres and Greta Scacchi play the couple. I didn’t spot Albert in this one! It was only very loosely connected to the original story, and set somewhere around 1951 [we know this because of the Festival of Britain stuff on sale in the village shop]

title shot

And now we have David Walliams and Jessica Raine in the latest incarnation. Again, just post WW2 – but the pair are meant to be late 30s early 40s I think – and they have one son, George. Albert is now a scientist friend who helps when they need things tested or analysed. Tuppence is clearly the driving force.

Jessica has been on TV on Sunday nights in Call The Midwife, and DW became well knows in Little Britain, but latterly as a judge in Britain's Got Talent [I admit, I have not watched CTM, LB or BGT!!]

Did I like it...I am not sure! I admit to my usual pedantic habit of checking for errors in the sets and costumes [please, how many more green beryl teacups must we endure, to convince us it is the 50s?] and there is some cool knitwear. And episodes 4-6 are set in Cromer, so I shall enjoy watching all the Norfolk scenes  -the train used is from the Sheringham Railway, and they also use the Muckleburgh tank collection [been there, done that!]

I think maybe it will grow on me…after all, I have only just got round to accepting there is a new Inspector Barnaby in Midsomer. Two things worth a mention. The accompanying BBC website is very informative and has some lovely little quizzes. And the umbrella shop visited in Episode 4, James Smiths of New Oxford Street really is there, still in business, and were they not so fiendishly expensive, I would adore one of their umbrellas! The ladies ones with animal head handles are particularly endearing [very Mary Poppins]

james smith umbrellas outside-of-shop

I know that Mags and family are enjoying P in C – because they watched it on iPlayer last Thursday when they stayed with us overnight – but what do other people think of this latest BBC offering for Sunday evenings?


  1. I'm finding them slightly disappointing because the BBC has changed the period in which they are set. The secret adversary should be just after WW1 and N or M is during WW2. It's the usual problem of being very familiar with the books and then seeing the TV version.

    1. I think you have a valid point - I often find that when I watch a film of a favourite, familiar book. Maybe I should just regard them as completely new stories, set in a new period, but the two main characters just happen share the same names as in another story! I notice that a high proportion of the writing/production team are female. I wonder how much of a difference that has made?

  2. We have not watched it, I just cannot stand her in any form........

  3. I've not seen it!!! I need to catch up on iPlayer!

    1. Do it quickly before you get caught up in the busy-ness of the new term!!!

  4. I am not sure about it. I am sticking with it though. I saw a review where it said that she was a brilliant actress but too "chilly" for this role. I think that could be right.

  5. Goosness, all four of us absolutely adore it! But we haven't read the books, or seen any of the other adaptations. I'm very disappointed about George and his apparent siblings now though! We are still in thrall of David Walliams' versatility- whom we know best as children's author and token actor in the TV adaptation of his Gangsta Granny!


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