Sunday, 6 December 2015

Pause In Advent 2015 #2

pause in advent

There’s a building site just round the corner. Soon after we moved in, they knocked down the used car dealership, and now they are building an M&S Food place. Watching the demolition, and the digging of the foundations is fascinating. And it is good to see that they take safety very seriously


But what struck me this week was the name of the company who are doing the building – it is on their Hi-Viz vests, and on their vehicles


“Hope and Clay” – it is a family firm, and the boss is, genuinely, called Bob Hope – I don’t know about the Clay part. But what a fabulous name for a construction company – building out of clay, with great hope! I go past this site every time I travel to the church premises, and it struck me that building God’s Kingdom is all about Hope and Clay too.


clay jars

Christians are just ordinary human beings – not superheroes – but we do have Jesus’ power and love within us – like treasure in clay jars. And He has given us that amazing Hope to share with others. Wow!


  1. We all need hope especially just now don't we?

  2. As a fellow teacher, I know there is always hope xx

  3. And the HOPE we have is so HIGH. Praise Him.

  4. Oh, I do like this. Hope in clay vessels. Thank you, Angela.

  5. Hope and clay. That's so fabulous!


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