Saturday, 13 January 2018

A Thimble of Love

Sorting through a bag of buttons and bits which someone gave me recently, I came across a very grubby little brass thimble. Grubby - but with a lovely pattern round the base. I set to with the Brasso, and it polished up fine.

It is very golden on the inside- I suspect it has been lacquered.
I remembered that lovely bit in Peter Pan where Peter first meets Wendy and she sews on his shadow for him. 
He confuses the words kiss and thimble!
I've worn the thimble this week when I was mending Bob's fleece. A true labour of love, because I really dislike sewing zips!
Another labour of love this week was dismantling the UCF Christmas Tree
A group of us stacked over 600 squares into heaps, and worked out how to make the blankets. Over 40% of the squares were knitted in Wilko Jade Yarn - so we had to balance them out carefully. I took photos of the arrangements .
Then kind people took stacks home in order to sew them together.
I spent Monday evening at my friend Jenny's house. We sat and worked away together and drank lots of tea. I calculated that it is going to take me at least 15 evenings to complete my blanket!
Our aim is to make blankets large enough to properly cover a single bed, as we feel that is a useful size. I am hoping we should get four [a few squares measured 15m not 10cm which meant some reconfiguring!]
At least sewing the soft squares together does not require a thimble!

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  1. That is a very beautiful thimble! I have a metal thimble that I use when I sew by hand. But it is a bit too big for me, so I first wrap my finger with a piece of elastic bandage and then, slip on the thimble!

    Those blankets are going to look so lovely and will keep someone very warm on a cold night, I'm sure.


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