Friday, 26 January 2018

Food In Fashion

Gretchen Roëhrs is an artist based in San Francisco. A while back, her friends on the US east coast were snowed in. She decided to tease them by sending pictures of colourful Californian fruit and vegetables. She took fresh produce, on white paper, and added a few deft lines with fine Japanese brush pens. She has turned ordinary food items into stunning fashions. “I find that women reflect the curves and lines in nature,” she says. “Fashion is all about emphasising those lines, so organic shapes make for the perfect faux outfits.”
These banana dungarees are amazing 
What about a frilly cress skirt, or a kale cocktail dress [are those pink things beetroot slices?]

Chard, tenderstem broccoli and lobster make rather unconventional evening gowns. The peachy coat looks warm - but I particularly love the mango strips turned into mini dress- it reminds me of Twiggy in the 1960s!
 Which outfit is your favourite?
...and did your mother tell you off if you played with your food?


  1. Broccoli dress for me!! I've seen these before but they are just so clever!

  2. Of course clothes always looks good when models are wearing them.


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