Thursday, 3 January 2019

Presents Of Mind

It's always fun to gift a little gift that shows you have actually thought hard about the recipient. Steph said in November that she was declaring "The Christmas of the Sloth" as these amiable creatures seemed to be everywhere. For her stocking, I found a sloth calendar in the Poundshop. And a cute felt sew-your-own kit in The Range to produce a Sammie Sloth ornament for your tree. I had a tiny box in the cupboard labelled SLOTH - I also had 6 others, labelled with the Deadly Sins, originally containing chocolates. I filled Sloth with mints and added a label "Sloth mints - like breath mints but you suck them slowly" These 3 items were well received. But I am confused about the pro I. When I was at school, sloth rhymed with both. Nowadays sloth seems to rhyme with Goth. 
Liz had mentioned she wanted some old style printed tea towels. I had a few which my neighbour Jim gave me when he was clearing his house before he moved into the care home. I used them instead of wrapping paper on her gifts. She was delighted. 
Simple, thoughtful gifts needn't cost a lot, but they can bring a smile to someone's face, and that's worth doing. 
Are you a sloth/both or a sloth/goth? 
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  1. I've always pronounced it to rhyme with goth.

  2. So agree with you re thoughtful presents. My most unthoughtful one , from a friend! was an oven glove.
    Definitely a both/sloth and have never heard anyone use the other.

  3. Thoughtful gifts are just lovely - shows the giver has put a lot of effort in, which is always appreciated.

  4. I remember that Brown and Polson teatowel! I think you could send off for it with cornflour box lids...

  5. It's a slowth because it is slow! Bowth the sin and the creature, IMHOWTH.

  6. Love the teatowel idea of wrapping! That's a super idea. We've been wrapping our breadmaker bread in a teatowel as my wax wraps aren't quite big enough when it is a full loaf (rhyming with Sloth! I thought it was the Goth version btw) - a friend also made me a larger waxed wrap like the lovely ones you made me!

  7. I'm definitely a sloth/goth. I saw a sloth just today. We went to the aquarium and the sloth (not sure why there was a sloth with all the water stuff) was so entertaining because she was so close! She DID entertain very slooooowly.

  8. I've heard it pronounced both ways, but, tend to rhyme sloth with goth.


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