Thursday, 31 January 2019

Saying Goodbye To A Good Friend

Today I am in Norfolk for the Thanksgiving Service for the life of my friend Jean. She was a few years short of 90 when she died a couple of weeks ago. We visited her in the Autumn, and she was cheerful as ever, despite her increasing poor health.
A friend for over 50 years, she was always caring, wise and had a great sense of humour. A single lady with a strong faith she lived a very full life. Norfolk born and bred, she had not always lived in Dereham. When much younger she'd worked in early years childcare down in Kent, in a place called Green Street Green, near Orpington.
We lived in Orpington from 1985-1986, and I was invited to the GSG Baptist Church to speak to their ladies' meeting. I said "my friend Jean Bennett lived here over 20 years ago" - and immediately folk shared many memories of this good woman. Jean could not believe it when I told her! 
In the 60s I remember our family being invited to spend the afternoon with Jean and her mum Vida, in their little cottage. Vida's shortbread was legendary. 
Jean was an encourager, and wrote to me regularly when I was away as a student. She came to visit or the weekend when I began teaching. We had such fun going up to London to see the musical Kismet. 
Jean was a good friend to my Mum. Of a similar generation,  they shared a love of "The People's Friend" magazine.
If Mum and Dad were away, Jean and Vida always gave Adrian his evening meal after work. We shared an interest in knitting and card making. Just 6 weeks ago we received a handmade Christmas card from her. 
I know the church will be filled today with people of all generations to whom Jean was a good friend, to thank God for all she meant to us. Her life was filled with the love of Jesus and the joy of his Spirit. Jean will be missed by many. 
Rest in peace, rise in Glory, dear friend. 


  1. I am so sorry you have lost your friend and do hope she did not suffer to much. I have lost to very old friends Anne was my best friend we worked at the same place when I was 17 and did so much with each other and we only had a couple of weeks in different age. I miss her very much we always had so much to talk to each other and we use to go to Foxlease with other guides.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Thank you Hazel. I've just returned from the funeral. The church was full and lots of people gave tributes to this lovely gracious lady. I'm sorry to read that you have recently lost two friends, with whom yo could share memories. All friends are precious, but old friends especially so.

  3. Such a great loss when you lose a good, old friend. Lovely tribute to her, Angela. Are you feeling better now after your little scare?

    1. Much better thank you. Improved sleeping, and less busy-ness is really helping

  4. My deepest sympathies, Angela. Your friend must have been a very special person to many. May she rest in peace.

  5. I am sorry for the loss of your friend but she is with the Father and has obviously had a big impact on people!


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