Wednesday 19 August 2020

It's Not Rocket Science

Yesterday we had a good "Air Day" [no jokes about Essex girls, please] We considered balloons, bubbles and rockets. Using another idea from this excellent book we made some rockets.

I printed off some simple rocket shapes, and cut them out. After colouring them in, we stuck bits of drinking straws to the backs [chunky milkshake size] We flattened the top of each straw and taped them shut. Then used a smaller straw slipped inside to launch them by blowing hard. We had mixed success.Our rockets were aiming for Venus, but they all went onto the grass or patio.[I'm not sure if this video clip will work]

We also compared a balloon filled with air, and one filled with water, and blew bubbles and chased them around the garden. It was all good fun - we may do some more air experiments [Liz bought a bag of balloons a while back and they need to be used up] 

Meanwhile Bob drove back safely to Dorset and I've settled quickly back into Nursery Teacher routine. But Rosie's desk has moved. During the three weeks of holiday when Bob and I were together, we did quite a bit of re-arranging at Cornerstones. But that's another story. 


  1. Those are some colorful rockets! Too bad they didn't quite make it to Venus! :D

  2. I like the rocket video! Looks great fun! Rosie is going to be so ready for school! She'll have so much prior knowledge


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