Thursday 13 August 2020

My Passion Bears Fruit

When I was busy running Grandma's Nursery School, I noticed the plant outside my bedroom window was smothered in passionflowers. But I never took a photo. Now it is covered in fruits. Some are still green, but many are ripened to a deep apricot shade and just beginning to shrivel. (this variety has yellow fruits - different from the purple ones sold in the market, they are smaller and less fleshy) Now is the time to harvest them, and carefully slice them open. The vivid red seeds come away easily from the surrounding membrane. They make a jewel like garnish for desserts. A dozen fruits yielded about 2 tablespoons of ruby seeds. 

The seeds are alleged to have health benefits, but one is advised not to eat the yellow skins. I think the seeds would look gorgeous with a creamy pannacotta. My neighbour said he fancied the idea of an indulgent spoonful on top of peanut butter on toast! 

Have you ever used passionfruit seeds in your cooking? 

The story of how the passionflower got its name is HERE


  1. Passion flowers are incredibly beautiful and close up have an amazing structure and detail. One can appreciate how they got their name and associations. I hope you are able to enjoy the fruit.

  2. How lovely to have passionfruit from your garden! I've only had ones with yellow/orange seeds; the red seeds look beautiful. I like passionfruit seeds made into a drink.

  3. We've grown a few veggies this year, but not fruits really. This haul looks amazing. Enjoy it.

  4. Passionfruit don't grow here, I buy them sometimes. Don't use in cooking, because kids will eat the seeds just like that. Whatever makes them eat vegetables is ok.

  5. But these fruits aren't the proper Passion fruits are they? I have lots of these. The outer skin reminds me of bread!

    1. There are 3 sorts - purple, red and yellow. The ones sold in the greengrocers are purple and have more flesh, and larger, sweeter seeds. The other two varieties usually grown for their beautiful blooms, and the seeds are edible


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