Friday 22 January 2021

Best Be The Tie That Blinds!

 I'd hate anyone to think that I'm doing all this  decluttering alone. Admittedly I'm probably doing more than Bob right know - he has a full time, demanding job. But he's doing his share, as and when he can.

Like Wednesday night. After chairing a meeting on Zoom, including managing a complex voting procedure, we relaxed watching our recording of The Repair Shop [new series next month!] then I suggested drinking chocolate would be a good idea. He went upstairs to switch off his computer. He I followed with mugs of drink, got undressed and climbed into bed.

I was sitting up in bed, sipping my delicious nightcap when he came in, opened the wardrobe - and proceeded to sort out his tie rack. Which is why it was midnight before I settled to sleep.

Bob loves ties - in pre-pandemic days, he'd wear them frequently. In Advent he'd wear a different Christmassy tie at each different event. He has ties for Children's events, ties for funerals, ties for weddings, college ties... Over 80 of them! 

And now there are just 26. He said he will probably prune that even further. I kept a dozen because they are attractive fabric [but in the cold light of day, I realise they aren't that brilliant. 
The duplicates —one Christmas he received two matching "computer themed" ones. The ones bought for weddings, but never worn again, the redundant Boys' Brigade tie, joke ties, nasty thin slippery ties which don't knit properly, hideously patterned ones, and pale ones with prominent stains. 
The "unwearable" ones have gone in the bin, and 40+ are rolled up into boxes to go to a CS sometime. 
I don't think I'm very good at late night decluttering though. I'm much more determined, less sentimental first thing in the morning. But I am impressed with the cool efficiency with which Bob dealt with his overabundance of neckwear. 
Today's Trivia: the necktie was invented by the Croatians. During battles, the men tied a strip of cloth round the neck - to wipe the blood from their swords! From 'croat' we get the word 'cravat'. Perhaps the odd gravy stain isn't so bad after all. 


  1. Keep them! I once saw a stunning quilt in a NY window made from mens' ties.

  2. Oh, I like the one with all the musical notations and symbols! Well done, Bob, for decluttering the ties! I, too, have seen some lovely quilts, especially in the Dresden Plate pattern, made from ties. But, that doesn't help with decluttering, does it?

  3. I am sure such a quilt might be stunning - but Daffy Duck, Computers, Chinese Characters and Ugly Snowmen somehow won't blend into the sort of harmonious rainbow quilt I would like. And my list of "Projects I might attempt in retirement" is already rather too long.

  4. I've seen amazing skirts, tops and belts made from ties at Spitalfields market. I collected some of WOMOTM's vintage ones- meaning to send them to Vix, but a few years on and they are still in a parcel in my spare room!


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