Tuesday 5 January 2021

Magic And Sparkle

Sewing is my relaxation - especially sewing which makes other people happy. I made eight memory bears last year - but sadly the pandemic meant no play costumes were required. Steph's NCT friends all needed baby bibs, and she commissioned another one last week. So that's flying off to Manchester
But just before Christmas, something else  happened- George's cousin lost a tooth. This lovely little girl wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy, taped the tooth to it, and left it on her pillow at bedtime. Although she had not told anyone, fortunately her Dad spotted it.
He arranged for the Tooth Fairy to write a reply and leave the appropriate reward. Mum posted a picture of the carefully written letter on Facebook. I decided such effort on this child's part merited further action. So I made her this - a tooth fairy purse, a decorated heart on one side, and her name on the other.

Then I posted it, along with a letter

I wrote - "Open Carefully, Fairy Magic and Sparkle inside" on the back of the envelope. She was delighted [and her Mum worked out who'd sent it, and messaged me]
Children are suffering enough through this difficult time. I firmly believe that little surprises like this can help them, and their hardworking parents, to make the best of these complicated days. 
On Friday Liz explained to Rosie that school would not be opening on Monday because of the germs. On Saturday she asked to do some home schooling. Liz found a secondhand school desk for her a couple of months back. I am so chuffed that when Rosie is bored she wants to do some number work - that certainly brought magic and sparkle to my day.


  1. How lovely! We all need some magic and sparkle in our lives, these days! Especially these days!

  2. How cute - both the tooth fairy bag and Rosie!

  3. That's lovely! Will Grandma's school be re-opening?

    1. Unfortunately it is probably against the rules for me to go up to Norfolk and help. However Rosie has collected her velcro Learning Day Board from Cornerstones so she and Mummy Liz can work out what lessons to do etc, and we'd put together other resources at the end of the summer "in case". It's really tough on parents and teachers right now. Perhaps we should clap for them this lockdown?

  4. You can do online teaching Ang!
    What a lovely idea your tooth fairy purse is.

  5. Your kindness touches my heart, this was so sweet of you and the little lass will never forget it, neither will her parents. I just love how you use your sewing skills to help people.
    And , oh BTW , I made an eggplant (aubergine ) casserole yesterday into which I put a ton of herbs and spices. Since it was still on the shelf with the new one I naughtily put some of the 40 year old paprika in it too! I think there is something in me from growing up in post war Britain which hates to throw things away unless they are actually growing something horrid!

    1. I used to say "if it does not smell bad, is not blue, and not growing hairs, it's probably OK" But now my sense of smell is dodgy, I'm a bit more wary. I use lots of sweet paprika, it adds colour and warmth, but not burning heat. My grandparents & parents instilled in me the "don't waste food" thing.


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