Monday 17 October 2022

Journeying Mercies

The French wish travellers "Bon Voyage!" - many older Christians I know say "Journeying Mercies!" [which means approximately the same, but is less intelligible to the majority of people] Well, either way, we certainly enjoyed safe travels over the weekend, in a round trip of 750 miles or so. I was grateful to get home safely on Sunday evening. Still waiting on an OK to post wedding pictures, but here are a few other holiday snaps...
My outfit - like the actors Beryl Reid and David Suchet, I followed the rule "start with the shoes when planning your costume"
I figured the instruction to 'wear wellies' would be OK in a field of mud - but less comfy for the dancing. So my trusty biker boots began the outfit. With that, I had to have the biker jacket- and the thermal vest which has kept me warm for many miles riding pillion in heavy rain and high winds.
Plus my lovely Suffragette purple Snag Tights [last year's Xmas gift from Liz] and my ancient pink Laura Ashley scarf. That all dealt with warmth. But it was a wedding, and I wanted prettiness too. The 50p dress I got at the Swishing Party  at Ferndown three years ago was just right. Black, with a busy pink floral pattern.
It was just right for swirling round the floor at the ceilidh on Saturday night, and the whole "biker chick" ensemble received some very kind compliments.
We enjoyed Dunbar - our accommodation was very comfortable, hospitable hosts and a homely atmosphere. And decent coffee and good pastries at breakfast [also yogurts, cereals, juices etc]
Friday night's meal at Umberto's Italian Restaurant was great - good food at good prices, and very friendly staff.
Two signs we saw in the town which made us wonder.
Whatever are "Hot Ovoids"? Probably BBQ fuel - but it sounds like a posh name for boiled eggs.
And the beauticians offering gift vouchers for "Body Piercing Sunbed Nails" ?
No thank you!!
Other than than, Dunbar seemed a very pleasant town - and we learned much about its most famous inhabitant [post to follow]


  1. Love your outfit, what a pretty dress
    Sounds like a great weekend
    Alison in Wales x

  2. I love that dress and you look great in your biker boots and jacket! I'll pass on that body piercing nail sun bed, thank you! :D

  3. You look great! Very stylish and fun but practical! I look forward to hearing more.x

  4. Fab outfit. Umberto is retiring soon which will be a great loss to the town after decades of great food.

  5. Replies
    1. I'd hate to be a stereotype clergy wife!

  6. You look amazing! And the signs are hilarious!

  7. Love the dress and I had my biker boots on today now that the weather has become colder. Your B and B looked lovely and glad you had a good journey home. Catriona

  8. That's a super warm and sassy outfit and the dress is perfect for dancing later. You look great in both versions.
    As for the "Hot Ovoids", I had to do the google thing and came up with this: "a smokeless anthracite based solid fuel for use on open fires and in multi-fuel stoves and selected other cookers." Seems to me this stuff was around when I was young, but perhaps under a different name and delivered to houses in bulk for use in the fireplace.

  9. You looked amazing, what a great outfit.

    I'll pass on the 'Body Piercing, Sunbed, Nails' thank you. I read everything that is in front of me, so I often do a double take at signs like that one.


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