Tuesday 13 December 2022

A Saturday Afternoon In November

... was approaching the time of twilight.
Full marks if you recognised Thomas Hardy's opening words from 'The Return of the Native' Well, it was twilight in November, but not a Saturday, and I wasn't on Egdon Heath. 
I had stopped off in Wymondham, on my way home from the dentist for a much needed cup of coffee. [Can I recommend 'Roots' the excellent coffee shop run by Wymondham Baptist Church?] I popped into the co-op for milk and potatoes then wandered back to the car park via two or three Charity Shops. I walked through a little alley and shining like a beacon of hope, spotted this
Shining in the crepuscular afternoon, I saw a tiny little bookshop. I went inside, and met Tracy, one of the two paid staff of this amazing community run venture. Watch the two minute video below to find out more about this  lovely place.
Ketts Bookshop is named after Robert Kett, perhaps the town's most famous son, who led the rebellion against enclosure, and the removal of the land from the common people. "He tore down his own fences, and sacrificed all he had"
Tracy explained how the only bookstore in the town was closing and a group of people got together to ensure there were good quality books easily available. Nine years later, the shop is thriving.
I found a great variety of stuff on sale for all ages and tastes- fiction, non fiction, local authors, children's books...beautifully displayed.
Tracy is extremely knowledgeable and we chatted about all sorts of books [lovely cookery and craft sections!] 
It is definitely bijou  - an intricate jewel tucked behind the marketplace - but if they do not have the book you want, they will order it in. Maybe you might find your volume cheaper online - but if you can afford the extra £ that will help maintain this special resource for others. I bought two books as gifts - and then my plastic carrier split [potatoes and milk are heavy!] Tracy sent me on my way with a stronger cotton bag which sums things up nicely.
Kett's is more than just a bookshop - there are talks by authors [often held in the aforementioned nearby church] children's events, book groups...the website tells all.
Thank you Tracy and your team - this was a lovely ending to my brief stop in Wymondham, but I plan to call in again.
This book[shop] review is definitely *****


  1. What a wonderful idea and place! I hope they continue to do well!

  2. I love this type of thing!
    Well done to them for making it work! I always try to buy from an independent bookshop when I see them. Never the dominant online river which tries to drown other businesses. That said, I was given a voucher by a child who left last Friday and she gave me a voucher for them. I'm wondering if I can exchange it for another shop as there was a Tesco receipt...

  3. What a wonderful little shop, and how lovely of her to give you a bag when yours gave out.

  4. It's always heartwarming to read of a store that is for the people and by the people. So personal, so service oriented, unlike major operations focussed mainly on profit. I wish Tracy and her team continued success. Kett's bookshop sounds wonderful. Kindle may be convenient but books are a joy to hold.

    1. Books are a great joy, and being able to read is a privilege ☺️

  5. Can't help but think of Monty Python with the blog intro today. Looks like Tess of the D'Urbervilles all over again.

  6. 😉https://youtu.be/to9s3cgk05M


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