Saturday 3 December 2022

Pyramid Selling?

I contacted the local school, to see if there were any tables left at the Christmas Fair, and found they were all taken.  Then late Wednesday afternoon, the organiser kindly contacted me and said someone had dropped out, was I still interested? Yes please!
Bob suggested I might need to make some more stock of the items which sold really well. So I produced some more Teddy Bear giftbags, and some juggling sets.
The bags are quite quick to run up on the machine, the juggling sets contain a sheet of printed instructions and three pyramid shaped bags [filled with rice] Here's a tray of filled pyramids, waiting for the final closure to be sewn up. I can do that in front of the TV [whilst catching up on The Crown]
What I do not understand is why the school fixed the date of their fair, and then someone else has booked the Village Hall for a Craft Fair on the same day. I do hope the commercial venture does not detract from the school's fundraiser.
Let's see how much of my remaining stock goes today.
 UPDATE: 3pm, Fair has finished, and I sold lots of juggling bags, pencil rolls and wax wraps. And my HealthCare Fund is up by £70 !!


  1. Hope you do well with your items that are for sale, today, Angela. I really like the teddy bear bags!

  2. Good luck!! The juggling bags are a wonderful idea!!!

  3. So many craft fairs on here and all on the same day! Hope you sell loads, Ang.x

  4. Well done, Ang. You work hard for your glasses.

  5. You did really well with sales!


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