Wednesday 5 April 2023

One Day More...

Holiday Club has been going really well. The team are working so hard, the children are lovely, the parents are appreciative...and it is more exhausting than ever! I love doing it, but I accept that I do not have the energy I had twenty years ago. I haven't taken any photos like I usually do, of the children's crafts.
Fortunately we have Rosie staying with us this week, so she kindly posed with her makes...she says that she is enjoying the club.
A little house, a dancing girl and a little purse. All made from recycled items [old Xmas cards, milk bottle tops, CDs and cotton reels, and empty milk cartons] 
This is the final day, and as well as this morning's session, this evening is Family and Friends Night. 
I may spend Thursday in my PJs.


  1. Definitely Thursday in pj's! Well done!

  2. Definitely need to have a rest on Thursday and have some Angela time. Catriona

  3. You will certainly enjoy a chill out day - lovely recycled makes
    Alison in Wales x

  4. Definitely need a break now. How lovely to have Rosie with you.

  5. Excellent use of recycled products! That was a lot of work! Take some down time with Bob now! JanF

  6. Rosie is so cute and what a treat for you all that she's staying with you!
    Yes, a jammie day on Thursday seems just right to me!


  7. How lovely that Rosie was able to take part in the Holiday Club with you. She already has had much experience of Grandma's craft expertise!
    Have a good, well-earned rest.

  8. It'll be Saturday before I can spend the day in my PJ's!!Rosie looks dead chuffed with her makes.

  9. Rosie is just as creative as her grandma!

    1. I am thrilled that she loves crafting too

  10. Such amazing creativity. Kxx


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