Thursday 29 April 2010

Cutting Edge Creations

Oh dear - any day now I am expecting a lawsuit from Johnnie Boden. boden

He spends all that money sending me catalogues, and I don't buy anything - I just use them as a resource for other things!


First I use the catalogue as inspiration for a summer skirt - and now that Janet has taught me teabag folding, I have now cut up the Boden catalogue, and done some creative recycling.

I cut out sets of squares in three different sizes, and folded them up into flowers.


I think the smaller [3cm] ones, although the most fiddly to fold, are the most successful - because they came from the same page so are mostly the same colours. The 6cm and 9cm ones are colourful, but not exactly coordinated.

There is a purpose to all this cutting and folding - I am working on fresh ideas for our church Holiday Club crafts for the summer. I think this one is too complex for the younger groups though!

It is a very relaxing activity, sitting watching TV, resting a large book on my lap as a base for folding, creating flowers like this!


  1. We always cut up boden catalogues too. I made a heart garland from them at Valentines!

  2. Oh I dunno, you're giving him free advertising space!

    The flowers look great.

    See you in Plymouth?

  3. I'd never seen a Boden catalog until my UK friend showed me one, and how I loved it--except for the prices. I'm glad you are finding such lovely things to do with yours!



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