Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Lost for Words!

I love this game

scrabble borad

But I am disappointed in the news announced on Radio 4 today – they are changing the rules so now you can put down words which are proper names.

That’s just wrong!!

I think this will not help people to expand their vocabulary, if they can always resort to Jo, Bo, Al, Ed and almost any other combination of letters and declare it to be a ‘name’. 

Scrabble should increase a player’sscravbble iq







What do you think?


  1. Scrabble has never been a game I enjoyed. Give me a math game to play any day, word games just aren't my thing.

    However, it does seem wrong to allow proper nouns or abbreviations. Allowing those will allow people to be lazy and not try to come up with real words. :)

  2. Well, it's OK to have family rules for small children, for example, but not to change the general rules! Actually, I've never played with our boys - which language?

  3. Wonder why they're changing the rules? To make it easier? Oh well, our scrabble is old-style, lol.

  4. Yup the world has gone triple score mad :)
    The best bit of a game of scrabble is the final quarter of an hour as your brain becomes addled with trying to find a word. Names are a cop out.

  5. This is NOT good. We do not approve! This will not help me beat Prince Charming- the only times I ever did were when I was pregnant and that would now be just a step too far!

  6. If you saw the names of my students, you'd really think this rule is silly! A name can be almost anything.

  7. Have you ever tried playing it with phoenetic spelling? (No real spellings allowed)
    It gets very silly as a range of accents get introduced trying to explain just why that word is acceptable... (think my favourite was injin)

  8. I would strongly resist any change to a favourite game. think we should march in protest!

  9. Dumbing down yet again. With my relations and their forenames, nicknames etc I'll be able to put almost any combination as long as there is a vowel around.


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