Monday, 18 November 2013

For The Little Ones


My final charity knit for 2013 is for a very poignant cause. Three years ago, a lady named Lisa gave birth to a very premature baby, who died soon afterwards. She wanted to wrap her precious child in love – but was conscious that most ‘regular’ baby blankets were too large. So she set up a charity to provide maternity units with tiny blankets and other items for ‘memory boxes’ to give to grieving parents. I had some pastel coloured 4ply wool in my stash, so I have made some little blankets to send. They are all around 30cm square


Some are knitted, some crocheted [the green one, bottom left is this pattern] They did not take long to make, but they are soft and warm.  You can read about this charity here. It didn’t take long to make these – and I suspect I shall probably knit more. Through the website I have found Lyndsey, who is the contact for Leicester Royal Infirmary, so these blankets will be going to my local hospital.

I thank God daily, that my own babies were born safely and have grown into lovely young women. Even in our advanced Western society, we should not take pregnancy and childbirth for granted.


May God comfort all those who mourn the loss of their little ones


  1. What a touching idea. Those little bits of wool can make such a difference.

  2. Women caring for very touching.
    Jane x

  3. That is very dear, very thoughtful. Bless you.

  4. What a thoughtful charity to start!


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