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In all the planning of wedding decor and invitations etc., Mark and Steph have very wisely avoided things bearing their initials! But they wanted to have some sort of personalised ‘favours’ at each guest’s place at the reception.


Continuing their ‘woodland’ theme, they purchased some sweets in shades of green and brown – and chose Skittles and M&Ms – as these have the right initials on them. But how to present them? Some sort of box or bag needed.

At this point, I came up with an idea which I thought was original – but it clearly has occurred to other people, because they were given something remarkably similar when they were guests at a friend’s wedding recently. The idea is based on the pyramid ‘humbug’ bags- I have made these countless times in fabric- large ones as makeup bags and small ones as rice-filled juggling bags. So I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to make them in paper.

I spent an afternoon experimenting and making prototypes with scrap paper and a box of tictac mints. First there was the planning of the printing – it took a few adjustments but I got there in the end. Then the sticking together. I felt rather like Goldilocks…

  • Plan A was to sew them on the machine. Too fiddly.
  • Plan B involved Pritt Stick. Too wide and messy.
  • Plan C. Narrow double sided tape. Just right. 

I collected the sweets from Steph at the weekend, and Tuesday I made the bags. Bob helped me fill them as we watched Midsomer Murders! [I like to help him enjoy his Day Off!]


Here’s what you do…Take the three parts of the design and arrange them on an A4 sheet.P1010234 

There are 6 to a sheet – each piece is 7 x 15cm [approximately]P1010230


Cut the strips out, and put three 6.5cm pieces of tape on the back. NOTE the bottom tape needs to be in the centre of the strip. Fold back the ends of the peel off bit, it makes life easier later.P1010239

Roll into a cylinder, overlap the edge, stick firmly.

Now peel off the LOWER backing and stick the bottom edge together. The seam needs to be in the MIDDLE of the BACK. [you need to practice and make a prototype to make sure you understand before you use your Posh Paper]P1010240P1010242P1010247P1010248

I kilo of each type of sweet fills around 130 bags if you put fourteen sweets in each bag [Skittles are slightly heavier than M&Ms]


Now seal the top of the bag by pinching the seam, and closing AT RIGHT ANGLES to the bottom seam. Pull out the adhesive backing paper [with the tag you left sticking up earlier] Press firmly.


Here is the completed pyramid, ready to sit tidily on the table at the Reception, with its message facing the guests.

Something a little different, but personal.


My cache of pyramids are now in store in a cool, dark, dry place, awaiting the big day.

Next week I will be working on the [silk] floral decorations. I am really enjoying these crafts, and grateful for the time and space to make them.

[If you want to make some pyramids for an event, do email me, and I’ll send you the template which you can edit and personalise]


  1. They don't have to have M&S - they could turn the initials round and have things with S&M on them....oh....never mind.

  2. They look lovely, you are so clever! Vee x

  3. You are being VERY busy and crafty! I can only imagine that it is great fun and very satisfying to be so involved in the wedding preparations...It's a good thing you're not teaching as well. (You're not, are you?!)

  4. Brilliant idea! You must be saving Steph and Mark a fortune on the cost of the wedding? What a lucky couple to have a creative person like you xxx
    Perhaps you have a new career to pursue even if only part time? I really think you could be on 'Create and Craft' on the telly!

  5. That's a great idea!!! I really like that! Ha, never thought about the initials!!! I love wedding based crafts!x

  6. The little bags are fab. and look so professional. Well done.


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