Thursday, 12 November 2015

Decorating With Diamonds

That’s the shapes, not the gemstones! Although these do have excellent cut, clarity and colour [but no carats] The team [nearly 40 people] have worked hard to produce these for next month’s Christmas Tree Festival – almost all the pieces have been returned to me now, the fronts and backs sewn together and hanging ribbons attached. Don’t they look splendid?



With barely three weeks to go, it is good to know the tree is ready.  More photographs will follow once it is in place!!

Don’t forget, if you have yet to enter the giveaway [here] then you need to comment on the post of November 5th before 8pm!


  1. These look lovely! Well done to all the talented embroiderers & makers.

  2. They are brilliant!!! Clever people!x

  3. The decorations look lovely. Looking forward to seeing the tree


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