Monday, 2 November 2015

Home And Family

It is good to be back in Ferndown - but I seem to have been quite busy since our return, and this is the first moment I have had to post anything today, which is quite unusual for me. It was great to spend time with family in Norfolk at the weekend- my brother Adrian [and Marion] and my daughter Liz [and Jon] are so very precious. This morning it was wonderful to spend time with members of my 'church family' who have been working so incredibly hard to complete the painting and decorating inside the chapel. And then I watched the news, and my heart went out to this family in Liverpool
Jen, Sophie and Abigail lost husband and father David, when he was run down and killed by thieves last month. PC David Phillips was only 34, just a little older than my girls.

Hundreds of Police Officers marched through the streets to the Cathedral, to pay their respects to a fellow officer. Many of them were openly weeping. It was very moving.
His wife said it was only the amazing outpouring of love which was keeping her going. 
A BBC reporter asked a man in the crowd why he was there - he replied he was a retired policeman and had come to pay his respects too "No policeman goes on duty expecting it will be his last day, and he will not be going home at the end of it" he said. 
PC Phillip's sister said he always had "The Lord's My Shepherd" on his phone - so people would remember that was what he wanted played at his funeral
Yea though I walk in death's dark vale

Yet will I fear no ill; For Thou art with me 
We saw quite a lot of policemen on our journey home last night - the majority dealing with RTAs when drivers had minor crunches in the fog. But these men and women were going about their duty efficiently and calmly - just as PC Phillips did every day.
Lord bless and comfort those who mourn David's passing
Strengthen and equip our police force as they seek to serve and protect us
Help us to never take their work for granted


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