Friday, 6 November 2015

Rabbiting On

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I derive enormous pleasure from the gift subscription to Country Living which I received from my BIL & SIL at Christmas. This month they had a feature on Fern Verrow, a small farm in Herefordshire run for the last 20 years on biodynamic principles. The article concluded with recipes from the cookbook produced by Jane Scotter and Harry Astley, the couple who run the farm.

fern verrow

I have yet to attempt the Red Florence Onion Tatin, or the Carrot and Almond Cake – but I was very taken with the recipe for “Braised Rabbit with Juniper Berries” I have never cooked rabbit, but I knew they sometimes had it in the local butchers in Norfolk. Sadly, last week, there wasn’t any available. But I found some in a butcher’s shop in Sherborne.

P1020481So I produced this dish as a special birthday meal for Bob on Wednesday night. I did have to ask him for help in jointing it – but other than that, I managed to produced the dish, accompanied by creamy, mustardy mash – and followed by Gü chocolate soufflés with strawberry hearts [ we started eating these before I remembered the camera]


I don’t recall eating rabbit before, but I must have done at some time. It was somewhere between chicken and pork in terms of texture and taste, I thought. I loved the fragrance of the juniper berries too.

I shall see if I can get this cookbook from the library – the rabbit recipe was much easier than I’d expected, and the others in the magazine look good too.


  1. Was that butchers called Parsons? I remember going there with my mother more than 50 years ago. I also remember buying a rabbit for biology class at school when we had to dissect it! Glad you enjoyed your meal.

    1. It had to be really as I don't think there is another in the town!

  2. We get a rabbit quite often from our local farmers' market - lovely in the slow cooker with beer.

  3. Did you see the article about the pet service in Truro Cathedral? My sister is in the photo, standing on the stps with her border collies!

    1. I am presuming she is the smiling lady in the red jacket. It was a fascinating article. Our chapel is due to have its new carpet down in time for Christmas - so I don't think we will be inviting animals in just yet!!

  4. This is the rabbit pie recipe I usually follow:

    Sometimes I put in a tsp of grainy mustard instead of the lemon zest, and sometimes I add some sauteed mushrooms as well. Shortcrust pastry works as well as puff pastry. Pie is my favourite thing to do with rabbit!

  5. Rabbit was always on the menu in my childhood. Chicken was only for high days and holidays! I read my boss's Country Living - saves me a fiver each time!!!Belated Birthday Wishes to the Pastor. x


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